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Quick Facts about the Arts - Media Coverage

This topic includes: general and specific information sources for arts and culture coverage, does not include media as a way of participating in the arts

How do people find out about arts events in their communities?
The vast majority of people find out about arts events in their communities through newspapers (74%) more ....
How has newspaper coverage of arts-and-culture changed from 1998 to 2003?
According to Reporting the Arts II: News Coverage of Arts and Culture in America the average number of column inches devoted to arts-and-culture coverage by metropolitan daily newspapers has declined from 1998 to 2003 more ....
What is the focus of arts-and-culture content in newspapers?
According to Reporting the Arts II, a study of U.S. newspaper content conducted by the National Arts Journalism Program in October 2003, movies and music are the arts-and-culture disciplines that receive the most journalistic attention more ....


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