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Quick Facts about the Arts - Organizations

This topic includes: organizations actively engaged in arts performances and exhibits as well as ancillary organizations and staff, such as management and boards, arts advocacy or service organizations, commercial organizations, government arts agencies, trade associations, and unions

Gender diversity on the boards of large non-profit cultural institutions
Women's representation as cultural trustees grew substantially from 1931 to 1991 in most of the cities studied, such as Boston where the proportion of women on the symphony orchestra's board rose from 0% to over 30% more ....
How many arts and cultural organizations are there?
The 1997 Census of Service Industries (Economic Census) counted (at least) 26,392 arts and cultural organizations that were active at the end of 1997 more ....
Which composers have historically been the most prominent in orchestra repertoires?
According to American Symphony Orchestra Repertoires 1842-1970, a study of 27 major US symphony orchestras from the 1842-1843 season through the 1969-1970 season, Ludwig van Beethoven was persistently among the top two composers more...


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