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China's Power and its Impact on the Global Economic Crisis

David M. Lampton is the George and Sadie Hyman Professor and Director of China Studies at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, where is he also the Dean of Faculty. He is the Senior International Advisor on China for the law firm of Akin Gump. Before assuming the post at SAIS in 1997, he was president of the National Committee on United States-China Relations in New York City for a decade. Dr. Lampton is the author of numerous books and articles on Chinese domestic and foreign affairs. His most recent book is The Three Faces of Chinese Power: Might, Money, and Minds (UC Press, 2008, and Chinese version by Xinhua Publishing), and his articles have appeared in the American Political Science Review, The China Quarterly, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and other academic and popular venues. Dr. Lampton received his B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees from Stanford University and has lived in the PRC, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. He has an honorary doctorate from the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Far Eastern Studies, is an Honorary Senior Fellow of the American Studies Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and consults for various corporate, government, and non-profit organizations.