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Meeting the Challenge of Building an Innovative Country: Explaining China's Partial Compliance with Intellectual Property Rights, Zhenqing Zhang, CWP Postdoctoral Fellow

Nov 9, 2011 · 4:30 p.m.– 6:00 p.m. · Robertson Hall, Bowl 1

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Why does intellectual property theft remain so rampant in China despite the country's consistent enforcement efforts since China's WTO entry? The lecturer will discuss several theories, including arguing that the lack of respect for intellectual creation among Chinese societal actors, namely the business community and mass consumers, hinders the IP protection efforts.

Zhenqing Zhang (张振庆) received his Ph.D in Political Science from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. His research interests focus on China's integration into the global political economy and China's response to the diffusion of global norms.

During the fellowship period, he will work on a book manuscript based on his dissertation entitled "From Words to Deeds: Explaining the Implementation of China's Intellectual Property Rights Policy since its WTO Entry." Based on an 18 months long extensive field work in China from 2007 to 2008, this project aims to tease out the interaction between the Chinese domestic societal and state actors shapes China's attitudes toward the global intellectual property rights (IPR) regime. Dr. Zhang received his B.A. and M.A. from the Beijing Foreign Affairs College,China. He also holds a graduate certificate from the Johns Hopkins University-Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies.