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Undermining Adversaries: Negative Balancing and Strategic Choices of China, the US and Russia after the Cold War, Kai He CWP Fellow and Utah State Uni

Story imageKai He, a China and the World fellow located at Princeton University, will examine the why and how the United States, China, and Russia have used a new balance of power strategy--negative balancing--to tame each others' power to achieve security under anarchy during the cold war.  His research interests include international security, international political economy, Asian security, Chinese politics, and research methods. He is the author of Institutional Balancing in the Asia Pacific: Economic Interdependence and China's Rise (Routledge, 2009) and has published in Security Studies, Asian Security, and the European Journal of International Relations.

Location: Robertson Hall, Bowl 1

Date/Time: 11/11/09 at 4:30 pm - 11/11/09 at 6:00 pm

Category: CWP

Department: CWP