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Emerging Powers and the Diffusion of International Norms

CWP Postdoctoral Fellow Xiaoyu Pu recently publiished an article in the Chinese Journal of International Politics on the socialization of international norms by emerging powers.

Most existing studies of socialization in international relation literature conceptualize socialisation as a one-way process, and such a conceptualization blinds us from understanding the complex interactions between emerging powers and international norms. The spread of international norms is not a one-way process in which non-western powers passively learn international norms.  This article proposes a two-way process of socialisation. While the existing literature has discussed implications of liberal integration model and power transition model, the article argues that power diffusion model is a more likely trajectory in the 21st century. In a power diffusion model, socialization is a two-way process: emerging powers will continue internalizing some norms while shaping the further evolution of international norms. However, the existing international norms will not be completely replaced by new hegemonic norms because emerging powers have diverse preferences. Both the Western powers and emerging powers must prepare for a more diverse normative order.   

An advance copy of the article, "Socialisation as a Two-way Process: Emerging Powers and the Diffusion of International Norms," can be found here.