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Archive – January 2007

The Princeton delegation led by Dean Anne-Marie Slaughter and Professor Bob Keohane visited Shanghai and Beijing on 8-12 January 2007 to launch the project on "China and the Future of Global Institutions." The conferences were convened in Shanghai and Beijing under the able hosting of Shanghai Institute for International Studies and Peking University School of International Studies. Among the Princeton delegation are John Ikenberry, Andy Moravcsik, Lynn White from Woodrow Wilson Sch
Lynn White, Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton and a prominent China scholar on Chinese politics, will run the China and the World Program in 2007-08 as Acting Director while Tom Christensen continues to be on public service leave. Xu Xin, who served as Acting Director in 2006-07, has joined Cornell University as Associate Director of the China and Asia-Pacific Studies Program (CAPS) and Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Government since July 2007. Tay