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Archive – October 2008

Thomas Christensen, Co-Director of China and the World, spoke on a panel at George Washington University entitled "China: Political and Security Challenges for the Next Administration."
Huan Guocang, CEO and Co-Founder of Primus Pacific Partners, Limited, spoke at Robertson Hall on "Recent Dynamics of the Beijing-Taipei Relationship."
Thomas Christensen, Co-Director of the Princeton-Harvard China and the World Program, represented the Woodrow Wilson School at the 3rd Annual 2008 Global Public Policy Network Conference, held in Beijing at Peking University. He spoke on "The Future of Global Governance: Balancing Legitimacy and Effectiveness."
Thomas Christensen, China and the World Program Co-Director spoke on "U.S. Policy Toward Vietnam and East Asia" at the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies' (PIIRS) conference "Vietnam and East Asia in a Globalized Context."
Ja Ian Chong, China and the World program Postdoctoral Research Associate (2008-09) spoke on his current research topic –“Imposing States: How External Intervention Made the Sovereign State.”
Thomas Christensen, Co-Director of the China and the World Program gave the keynote address at the USC U.S.-China Institute's conference on "The Making of U.S.-China Policy"