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Archive – October 2009

CWP Director Tom Christensen was invited to Washington, DC on the occasion of Li Yuanchao's visit to the United States.  Li Yuanchao is a Politburo Member and Director of the CCP Organization Department.  Mr. Christensen spoke to Li Yuanchao's delegation about trends in U.S.-China relations.
Tom Christensen will give a seminar talk entitled "Cross-Strait Relations and U.S. Policy toward Taiwan and Mainland China" for the Taiwan Studies Programme, Asian Studies Centre at St. Antony's College,  University of Oxford, on October 16.  About the Asian Studies Centre The Asian Studies Centre was founded in 1982 as the successor to the Far East Centre (established 1954) of St Antony’s College. Its activities are supported by an endowment at the Colle
News and op-eds from around the world about China's 60th National Day: The Financial Times The New York Times In China, the Red Flags Still Fly for Mao ... function getSharePasskey() { return 'ex=1412481600&en=ff8de29f129f10a5&ei=5124';} ... But Deng Is the Leader to Celebrate function getShareURL() { return encodeURIComponent(''); } function getShareHeadline() { return encodeURIComponent('In