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Archive – November 2009

Tom Christensen travelled to Seoul, Korea in October to give a lecture at the third Korea-U.S. Alliance Conference hosted by the East Asia Institute.  Professor Christensen spoke broadly about the ROK-US alliance amidst changes in the international security environment.  He emphasized the transformation of the alliance in addressing common challenges facing both nations in the 21st century.  He also emphasized the importance of engaging China in regional issues and that the US
 On Nov. 12, CWP Director, Tom Christensen, will participate in a conference, "Evolving U.S.-China Relations: Retrospect and Prospects: a Conference in Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Diplomatic Ties," sponsored by the Confucius Institute at Rutgers University.  Director Christensen is paneled to speak on "Obama's China: Opportunities and Challenges," focusing particularly on recent trends and future prospects of U.S.-China relations. Mor