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Archive – January 2011

China and the World Fellow William Norris was quoted in "Geithner Urges New Start for U.S.-China Relations" New York Times article on the Treasury Secretary's suggestion to make a fresh start in relations between the US and China. Norris said that the financial crisis “has been interpreted in China as evidence that the Western model of liberalization, with less of a role for the government in managing the economy, has been discredited.” Of President Obama and Presid
Washington Post For Hu Jintao's state visit, a day of pomp and ceremony Obama presses Chinese leader on rights Chinese President Hu Jintao meets lawmakers, hears human rights concerns Chinese public kept in the dark on Hu Jintao's human rights admission China agrees to $45B trade investment, policy changes Foreign Policy Rise of the Hans Hu's Really in Control in China? New York Times Obama Pushes Hu on Rights but Stresses Ties to China Subtle Signs of Progress in U.S.-Chi
WIth President Hu Jintao's state visit, the China and the World Program will present a daily news roundup of this important event. CNN Chinese president arrives for U.S. state visit Washington Post Hu Jintao arrives for state visit focused on economics, security, human rights A plan for new U.S. jobs, from China Job creation seen as key to China's investment in U.S. New York Times U.S. Shifts Focus to Press China for Market Access Diplomatic Dangers Lurk in State Dinner for C
Washington Post: Jon Pomfret's live discussion on the State visit of China President Hu Jintao New York Times: For Chinese Leader’s Visit, U.S. to Take a Bolder Tack G.E. to Share Jet Technology With China in New Joint Venture China’s Currency Isn’t Our Problem Op-ed  
China and the World Fellow Andrew Erickson writes on "China’s New Project 718/J-20 Fighter: Development outlook and strategic implications" where he offers: China’s J-20 fighter has the potential to be a formidable air combat system in the Asia-Pacific region, but a number of technical hurdles will need to be overcome before mass production can commence. Key technical capabilities that we await demonstration of are thrust vectoring, sensor fusion, active elect
With the upcoming visit from President Hu of China, the China and the World Program will present a daily roundup of news coverage before and during the visit. Washington Post: Chinese President Hu looks for 'common ground' with U.S. "In China, a sometimes opaque divide between power of party and state" Professor Aaron Friedberg characterizes President Hu Jin tao's upcoming trip as "intended to put the toothpaste back in the tube and stabilize the relationship.&
CWP Fellow Andrew Erickson, in residence at Harvard University, offers his analysis of China's DF-21D ASBM reaching the equivalent of Initial Operational Capability (IOC), which is arguably far bigger news than the initial test flight of the J-20.  Full analysis, here.
President Obama met Thursday with five Chinese civil liberties and human rights advocates before Chinese President Hu Jintao's arrival in Washington for a state visit. Full coverage, here.