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Archive – February 2011

CWP Fellow Andrew Erickson writes that "the PLA Navy has just dispatched Xuzhou, a Type 054 Jiangkai-II class missile frigate, from the ongoing seventh PLAN anti-piracy task force deployment off Somalia to steam to Libyan coast to provide support and protection for the ongoing evacuation mission there."  More at China SignPost here.
In the upcoming March/April 2011 issue of Foreign Affairs, China and the World Director Tom Christensen writes that "Over the past two years, in a departure from the policy of reassurance it adopted in the late 1990s, China has managed to damage relations with most of its neighbors and with the United States. Mistrust of Beijing throughout the region and in Washington is palpable."  He advocates that "The United States and its diplomatic partners should promote the return of
CWP Fellow Andrew Erickson writes on unrest in the Arab world and how this affects China's interests.  Full article here.
The Commission has publicized two new requests for proposals (RFP) for original research studies pertaining to issue areas in the Commission’s statutory mandate. The RFPs have also been publicized on the website Federal Business Opportunities (, with an effective date of Feb. 7th, 2011 and a deadline for receipt of proposals set at Feb. 28th, 2011. All interested contractors are invited to submit proposals, although the contractor must be registered in the federal Central Contr
Professor and CWP Director Thomas Christensen has been named to endowed professorship and is now the William P. Boswell Professor of World Politics of Peace and War, effective Jan. 1, 2011.  Full article in the January 17 edition of the University Bulletin, page 3.
CWP Director Thomas Christensen writes in the New York Times Opinion Pages that China should be encouraged by the United States and its allies to return to the more assertive but more constructive policies Beijing adopted in the two years just before the financial crisis.  Full article here.
SUMMER 2011 INTERNSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT Congressional-Executive Commission on China Deadline: MARCH 1, 2011 The Congressional-Executive Commission on China ( is offering paid internships to qualified undergraduates, graduate students, or recent graduates this coming summer in Washington, D.C. Interns must be U.S. citizens. The application deadline is March 1 , 2011 for the Summer 2011 internship that runs from June to August, 2011. Summer internships are generally full-time; intern
CWP Fellow Andrew Erickson writes about the growth of China's oil demand that is likely to exceed the delivery rate of the current Russia-to-China pipeline.  Full report here.
Oriana Skylar Mastro, a doctoral candidate in Politics at Princeton University, recently testified before the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission on China's active defense strategy.  In her testimony, she explains the Chinese concept of “active defense.” She then discusses how the United States is currently responding to these challenges, and what more can be done.  She argues that we need to look beyond the technological components of what