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Archive – March 2011

George Will in the Washington Post writes on the China's naval capabilities and how the United States should respond.  Article found here.
The New York Times writes China escalated its opposition to American-led airstrikes on Libya on Tuesday, joining Russia and India in calls for an immediate cease-fire and suggesting that coalition forces were imperiling civilians by exceeding the United Nations-mandated no-fly zone. Full article here.
Director Tom Christensen has recently published Worse Than a Monolith: Alliance Politics and Problems of Coercive Diplomacy in Asia. In this book, he demonstrates that when states are engaged in coercive diplomacy--combining threats and assurances to influence the behavior of real or potential adversaries--divisions, rivalries, and lack of coordination within the opposing camp often make it more difficult to prevent the onset of conflict, to prevent existing conflicts from escalating, and to neg
The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission has released a new report, “The Evolving Role of China in International Institutions,” detailing China’s posture, objectives, and strategies within key international institutions and exploring the implications of China’s growing influence in these institutions for the United States and the world. A copy of the report here.
Professor Yinan He at Seton Hall University and a former CWP Fellow recently published an article entitled "Competing Narratives, Identity Politics, and Cross-Strait Reconciliation" in the Asian Perspective.  She writes:  After nearly sixty years of political confrontation, hopes for cross-Taiwan Strait reconciliation have run high since the traditionally pro-unification Nationalist Party (the Kuomintang, KMT) returned to power in Taiwan in May 2008. However, obstacles to re
With the resignation of Ambassador Jon Huntsman, President Obama names Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke his new ambassador to the People's Republic of China.  White House press release here.  
On March 10, held a hearing that examined the various narratives emerging from China in regards to Chinese foreign and national security policy. By examining these narratives in greater detail, the hearing sought to offer greater insight into policy debates inside the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regarding China’s relations with other countries, and on China’s future role in the world.  More information here.
In its online Room for Debate section, the New York Times discusses the Chinese government concerns and reaction to the recent civil uprisings in Arab countries, full discussion here.