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Archive – September 2011

Former fellow Andrew Erickson from the U.S. Naval War College and Gabe Collins provide an excellent discussion of the growth in maritime oil and gas transit flows from the Persian Gulf and Africa through the sea lanes of Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean to China and the rest of Asia. As China’s dependence on oil imports rises dramatically, Beijing is increasingly uncomfortable with the U.S. Navy controlling regional sea lanes. Evidence suggests that this discomfort is a key factor
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Former CWP Fellow Andrew Erickson article "China's S-Shaped Threat," in The Diplomat was recommended by the Council on Foreign Relations as a "must read" on China's economic growth.  China faces costly internal and external challenges that will hinder its ability to avoid the S-Curve-shaped growth slowdown that so many previous great powers have experienced, and that so many observers believe the United States is undergoing today. Full article here: htt
Yinan He, professor of Political Science at Seton Hall University, recently published an article comparing post-war German-Polish reconcilation and the sino-Japanese reconciliation. Citation and article: Yinan He, “Comparing Postwar (West) German-Polish and Sino-Japanese Reconciliation: A Bridge Too Far?” Europe-Asia Studies Vol. 63, No. 7 (September 2011): 1157-1194  
The shifting balance of aerospace power in Northeast Asia is creating an increasingly uncertain strategic environment for Japan. Japan is warily eyeing China’s growing military might while also vigilantly watching Russia’s airpower modernization efforts and North Korea’s bellicose actions to the north. The weight of these developments—how newfound and resurging military power will be employed in particular—are tilting and tipping the scale of regional aerospace powe
Vice-President Joe Biden writes in a New York Times Op-Ed that "I remain convinced that a successful China can make our country more prosperous, not less."  Full article here.