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Archive – January 2012

The China National Defense News writes that For the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), in order to win local wars under the informationized conditions in future, it is imperative to establish the strategic idea of offensive defense operation, and vigorously develop long-range strike weapons so that the effectiveness of combined offense-defense operations can be maximized. Full article here.
In an interview with Foreign Policy's David Bosco, CWP Fellow Wuthnow spoke on China's evolving approach to Security Council diplomacy.  Wuthnow states that China is much more engaged today than it used to be. For instance, back in the 1970s, Beijing abstained on votes on peacekeeping, which it regarded as a tool of U.S. imperialism. Now China contributes nearly 2000 troops to peacekeeping operations around the world, and has rightly taken credit for doing so. On the other hand,
in "Beijing's 'Starter Carrier' and Future Steps," Professor Erickson writes on China's first aircraft carrier and how this impacts the world.
Former China and the World Fellow Taylor Fravel, Professor of Political Science at MIT, writes on contemporary China issues here.  No serious survey of strategic analysis on China is complete without reading Taylor’s detailed scholarly publications. His research concerning the South China Sea is especially timely and keen. M. Taylor Fravel is an Associate Professor of Political Science and member of the Security Studies Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Tayl
The Washington Post reports that the Philippines is in talks with the United States about expanding the American military presence in response to China's rise.
The CECC Special Report demonstrates an apparent correlation between increasing Chinese Communist Party and government repression of freedom of religion in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and nunneries, and 12 instances in 2011 of current or former monks and nuns resorting to self-immolation.
Former CWP Fellow Andrew Erickson writes on what to expect from China's military and navy.