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Archive – February 2012

One of CWP's current postdoctoral fellows, Joel Wuthnow, writes in the Diplomat Blogs on China's veto of a draft UN Security Council resolution on Syria in an blog post, "China's Troubling Syria Veto."  Dr. Wuthnow specializes in Chinese foreign policy, international relations theory, international organizations, and U.S.-China relations. As a CWP Fellow, he will be examining China's role and influence in the U.N. Security Council, covering negotiations on Iran, N
The Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC) held a hearing on Gao Zhisheng, one of China's most prominent human rights lawyers. 
In the China Real Time Report, former CWP Fellow Andrew Erickson writes on the challenges facing China in protecting its expatriats overseas.
Former CWP fellow Andrew Kennedy's most recent book, The International Ambitions of Mao and Nehru: National Efficacy Beliefs and the Making of Foreign Policy, explains the dramatically different foreign policies adopted by China under Mao Zedong and by India under Jawaharlal Nehru.  Allen Carlson of Cornell University writes that "The International Ambitions of Mao and Nehru is the work of a gifted scholar, one knowledgeable of both Chinese and Indian foreign relations."&
The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission held a hearing on Chinese State-Owned and State-Controlled Enterprises that evaluated the competitive challenges and US policy considerations.
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Vice President Xi Jinping  makes his second visit to Muscatine, Iowa For Xi, another ‘date night’ in Iowa China Deflects Criticism Over Syria Xi Meets Critics in Congress  Related News: Romney Op-Ed: How I'll Respond to China's Rising Power  Congress must think 10 years down the line when it comes to nuclear carriers Big job, fewer ships for Navy  
Xi calls for stronger relationship between China and U.S. Chinese blocked visit by U.S. religious freedom envoy, advocates say  With Edge, U.S. Greets China's Heir China's Likely Next First Lady Is a Famous Singer U.S. to Share Cautionary Tale of Trade Secret Theft With Chinese Official China's next leader Xi holds talks with US Congress  
U.S. Seeks to Size Up China’s Heir Apparent on Visit Obama welcomes China heir apparent and pledges cooperation will continue  China's Xi Starts His Wooing of U.S.  Global Times coverage of the visit Backers of Iran Sanctions Make an Appeal to China Chinese blocked visit by U.S. religious freedom envoy, advocates say Iowa Stop to Show Plus Side of Chinese Trade China Visit Starts With a Dinner, Protests on Tibet Who Will Tell the Truth About China?