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Archive – September 2012

In the past week mass protests against Japan’s nationalization of the disputed Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands have swept Chinese cities across both coastal and inland areas, unprecedented since 2005 when many Chinese took to the streets to oppose Japan’s revision of history textbooks that whitewashed its wartime aggression. Since then, the damage has been slowly mended thanks to years of painstaking diplomatic efforts on both sides. But in no time things have been pushed back to square one&m
The Washington Post reports that Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta is to meet with Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping in what would be the Chinese leader’s first meeting with a foreign leader since he mysteriously vanished from view this month.  Secretary Panetta is in China to visit a Chinese naval base and give a speech to cadets, among other activities.  Secretary Panetta was previously in Japan, where he gave a joint news conference with Japanese Defense Minister Satoshi Morim
As China re-emerges as a global power, it has placed great emphasis on bolstering the capabilities of its naval and air forces. In recent years, this has been reflected in the rapid procurement and development of advanced aerial and maritime platforms and capabilities, aimed at bringing China’s navy and air forces into the modern age. The National Bureau of Asian Research asked Andrew S. Erickson (U.S. Naval War College and CWP Postdoctoral Fellow alumnus) for his thoughts on the implicati
We are featuring on our website here students who have actively participated in the China and the World lectures, seminars, and workshops .  Many of our former students who have since graduated, are helping shape US policy to China through their work in the government, at think-tanks, and academic endeavors. We applaud their efforts and hope to encourage more students to engage in China affairs. If you'd like to become more involved in the China and the World Program, please email
Professor and co-Director Tom Christensen recently spoke at the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations in its Academic Plenary Session where he discussed the regional significance of the leadership transition in China coming later this fall.
Professor and co-Director Tom Christensen recently published an article evaluating China's new generation of nuclear weapons and how this impacts US-China security relations. One of the conclusions drawn in this article is that China's nuclear modernization program might prove more consequential than is commonly believed.  Full article here.
The Washington Post reported that China on Tuesday sent two patrol ships to waters near a remote and disputed island chain, known in Japanese as Senkaku and Chinese as Diaoyu, escalating a territorial showdown between China and Japan. 
Each year, the Fung Global Fellows Program will select six scholars from around the world to be in residence at Princeton for one academic year and to engage in research, writing, and collaboration around a common theme. The program includes a public seminar series where the fellows will present their work to the University community. Fellowships will be awarded through a competitive application process to scholars employed outside the United States who have demonstrated outstanding schol