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David Zweig Speaks on China's Resource Diplomacy

David Zweig

On 7 December 2006, David Zweig, Chair Professor of the Division of Social Science and Director of the Center on China's Transnational Relations, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, presented his research on "China's Resource Diplomacy: The Roots of China-US Competition in the 21st Century." Assuming that China's foreign policy is domestically driven, he argued that China's "resource-based foreign policy" is key to economic growth and CCP political survival, and explains much of China's current foreign policy initiatives such as Beijing's assertive "going out strategy" and new stress on South-South relations. In his view, China's resource hunger heightens its own sense of insecurity, particularly vis-ą-vis the US, which has military capability to deny China access to strategic resources during war. He also claimed that although a rising China, with expanding bilateral ties with resource-rich countries, has been perceived as a threat to US national security interests, China does not harbor ambitions to challenge US hegemony. Therefore, there is much room for China-US cooperation. (Injoo Sohn)