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Professor Lynn White Will Run the PHCWP in 2007-08

Lynn White, Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton and a prominent China scholar on Chinese politics, will run the China and the World Program in 2007-08 as Acting Director while Tom Christensen continues to be on public service leave. Xu Xin, who served as Acting Director in 2006-07, has joined Cornell University as Associate Director of the China and Asia-Pacific Studies Program (CAPS) and Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Government since July 2007. Taylor Fravel, a PHCWP fellow at Harvard, and Phillip Stalley, a PHCWP fellow at Princeton, have returned to MIT and DePaul University respectively as Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science. Injoo Sohn, a joint PHCWP/PIIRS fellow, has joined the University of Hong Kong as Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science. Dingding Chen, a PHCWP/Olin fellow, will be a Visiting Assistant Professor at Hamilton College. In the coming year of 2007-08, four new fellows, Yinan He, Andrew Kennedy, Manjari Miller, and Yu Zheng will join the PHCWP at Princeton and Harvard. We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead!