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Thomas Christensen Speaks about U.S.-China Relations

Thomas Christensen

On 11 May 2007, Thomas Christensen, deputy assistant secretary of state and co-director of the Princeton-Harvard China and the World Program, spoke about "Challenges and Opportunities in U.S.-China Relations" at the China & the World Speaker Series. Professor Christensen discussed his views on current U.S. foreign policy towards China and East Asia. In doing so, he highlighted what he understood to be some of the opportunities as well as challenges facing the United States in East Asia. The presentation underscored the robustness of the current U.S. approach toward East Asia, which suggested that the American position in East Asia seemed promising going forward. His speech aroused the great interest among the audience. During the Q&A, he eloquently answered many questions. He also touched on how his academic training informed his approach to being a policymaker. (Ja Ian Chong/Xu Xin)