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Martin A. Dale '53 Fellowship

The Martin A. Dale ’53 Fellowship enables an outstanding Princeton senior to devote the year following graduation to an independent project of extraordinary merit that will widen the recipient’s experience of the world and significantly enhance his or her personal growth and intellectual development. The fellowship embodies the conviction of its donor, Martin A. Dale ’53, of the transformative potential of a year-long project of focused effort and self-discovery before a new graduate embarks on the next major phase of life and career.

The Dale Fellowship provides a grant of $33,000 to a current Princeton senior, which becomes available as early as July 1 following graduation; the fellow must begin his or her project no later than September 1 of the same year. One half of the grant is normally paid at the inception of the fellowship, the other half midway through the fellowship year. (The grant is taxable and must be reported by the recipient as regular income.)

Born in Newark, New Jersey, Martin A. Dale '53 attended Princeton on a William H. Cane Scholarship, earned a master's at Tufts' Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, served as a foreign-service officer in France, then worked as a privy counselor for economic development to Prince Rainier in Monaco.