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Dale Fellows

Year Recipient  Project Title
2014 Vivienne Chen  (co-recipient) Saltwater Sister: A Coming Home Story
2014 Natasha Japanwala  (co-recipient) Home and Away: Unleashing Narratives of Migration through an Exploration of Traditional and Contemporary Memory
2013 Flora Thomson-DeVeaux The Universal History of Santiago Badariotti Merlo
2012 Zachary Newick
Record Snowfall: A Novel
2012 Shivani Sud
Women's Disease Burden in Low-Resource Settings within Northern India
2011 Lisa Tom Joey Hom's Desiccated Foodstuffs and Other Short Stories
2010 Julie Dickerson Creative Currents
2009 Christopher Simpson   Powerless and Lost:  A Theater Season for a Troubled Time
2008 Joshua Blaine  A Bipolar Collage
2007 Daniel Hawkins  Road Songs: An American Sound-Study
2006 Mimi Chub  Fantasy, Authenticity and Identity: Imagining the American West
2005 Kyle Meng  Unearthing the Dragon: Understanding How the Chinese
 Perceive Their Environment
2004 Kathleen Bader  Asserting Musical Identity in Indifferent Space
2003 Daniel Pastor  No Future Without a Past: Pinochet's 1980 Constitution and
 Chilean Democracy
2002 Jonathan Goldberg  Austerity in Argentina:  How Economic Crisis Is Lived
2001 Amy Anderson  New Media at Hollins Communications Research Institute
2000 Lilith Wood  Women Who Harvest the Ocean
1999 Fei Fei Li  Exploring Tibetan Medicine, An Untapped Resource
1998 Mora Stephens  “Betty Dove” Film Project
1997 Cyrus Eternad  Conceiving the Abandoned Landscape: Obsolescence, Ruin, and  the Architecture of Defense