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OIT DAS - policies

Requesting work from DAS

  • Requests for new and follow-up work by DAS should be initiated by filling out our Work Request Form.
  • If you are experiencing difficulties with a web application we have written for you, use the AIS Production Support Form. Please select "DAS-developed systems" in the pull down systems menu, otherwise your request may be delayed. Be sure to mention your app name in the body of the request.
  • Requests for changes to DAS systems in an emergency situation should be submitted via the Production Control Emergency Migration form.

Non-billable hours

  • Research and course-related. Work done in support of Princeton courses, non-funded research, and student theses will not be billed. Such work may come directly from faculty, or indirectly from OIT or other department staff.
  • Bug fixes. Work required to keep applications we have built running due to bug fixes (i.e., program errors that are our fault) or system changes on a DAS-run web hosting service will not be billed. Current DAS-run web hosting services are WebLamp and dotNET.
  • Meetings. Consultations about proposed projects or reviews of work on ongoing projects will not be billed.
  • Consulting. Academic Services staff will advise OIT colleagues and customers in their areas of expertise at no cost, as long as this does not translate into work being done for the advisee.
  • Small projects
    • Definition: new projects or enhancements to existing projects that can be completed in 30 hours or less.
    • Small projects will not be billed.
    • When possible, we will attempt to give small projects priority scheduling.

Billable hours

  • Projects. Unless one or more points above are met, work on DAS projects will be billed at the hourly rate shown below for time spent beyond 30 hours.
    • Elapsed hours will be kept track of on a daily basis and will be rounded to the nearest quarter hour.
    • Projects will receive a write-up and price quote before they are undertaken.
    • If we underestimate the required time, and that is due to our error, we will stick to the original estimated amount for billing purposes.
    • If a customer asks for features not included when the original project write-up and estimate were created, we will bill the customer for the extra time needed to implement those features after first presenting a write-up and a revised cost estimate.
    • Projects are billed at the completion of work. We do not accept payment in advance. 
  • Enhancements. Work undertaken to change the functionality of finished projects will be billed as above, unless the request is made within 60 days of the completion of the original. In this case there will be no 30 free hours.
  • Ongoing operations. DAS strives to deliver systems that do not require further involvement from us in order to be fully operational. If it becomes necessary for DAS to be involved in the normal ongoing operation of a system, for whatever reason, such time spent will be billable at DAS' normal hourly rate without the 30 free hours.

Hourly rates

  • DAS' standard hourly rate is $50.00 per hour.

Change control

  • DAS is part of Administrative Information Services (AIS) and observes the AIS Change Control Documentation Policy.
  • Briefly stated, for changes to existing applications DAS will migrate changes into production only when authorized in writing by the customer.
  • For new systems, DAS will migrate the application to production only when we have written authorization from the customer that all requirements have been met.