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Princeton University
Shelby Cullom Davis Center for Historical Studies
“In the Aftermath of Catastrophe”

Schedule, 2015-16

All seminars are held in 211 Dickinson, on Fridays at 10:15 a.m., unless otherwise noted

Fall Semester

Friday, September 25

Carolyn Dean , Yale University
Suffering, Survival, and the Concept of “Humanity”: 1921-1949

Friday, October 2

Susan Carruthers , Davis Center Fellow/Rutgers University, Newark
The Good Occupation: Americans as Victors after the Second World War

Friday, October 9

Abby Cooper , Brandeis University
"Lord, Until I reach My Home": Inside the Refugee Camps of the American Civil War

Friday, October 16

Mark Pegg , Washington University, St. Louis
Heresy after Holy War; or, A New History of Religion

Friday, October 23

Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann , University of California, Berkeley

Friday, November 6

Emma Kuby, Davis Center Fellow/Northern Illinois University
The Expert Witnesses: State Violence, Survivors, and the Anti-Concentration Camp Movement in Postwar Europe

Friday, November 13

Richard Drayton , King’s College London
After (Colonial) Domination: Intellectuals, Artists, and the Challenge of Independence in the Caribbean, c. 1960-84

Friday, November 20

Arnaud Orain, Davis Center Fellow/Université de Paris-8
Repressing, Defusing, and Conjuring the Disasters at the End of Louis XIV's Reign: The Wild Hope of John Law's System (1717-1720)

Friday, December 4

Pierre Fuller , Davis Center Fellow/University of Manchester
Humanitarian Purges:   Revolutionary Memory and Northwest China's Great Gansu Earthquake of 1920

Friday, December 11

Hannah Pollin-Galay, Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Reinventing Love: Catastrophe and Family in Holocaust Testimonies of Lithuania

Friday, December 18

Thomas Holt, University of Chicago
Why Did the Civil Rights Movement Begin When It Did, As It Did?

Spring Semester

Friday, February 5

Rana Mitter, Oxford University
The Chinese Postwar: The Making of Global Order and Domestic Disorder in East Asia, 1945-49

Friday, February 12

Teresa Shawcross, Princeton University
At Empire's End: Destruction and Survival in the Late Middle Eastern Mediterranean

Friday, February 19

Marie Kelleher, Davis Center Fellow/ California State, Long Beach
The Hungry City: Food, Famine, and a Year in the Life of Medieval Barcelona

Friday, February 26

Leora Auslander, University of Chicago
After Catastrophe Jewish Berliners and Parisians Re-Image Belonging, 1945-1962

Friday, March 4

Tom Trezise, Princeton University

Friday, March 11

Deborah Coen, Barnard College
The Fear of Nature and the Nature of Fear from Hobbes to the Hydrogen Bomb

Friday, March 25

Mira Siegelberg, Princeton Society of Fellows

Friday, April 1

Emmanuelle Saada, Columbia University, Institute for Advanced Study

Friday, April 8

Yael Sternhell, Davis Center Fellow/ Tel Aviv University
The Afterlives of the Confederate Archive, 1865-1901

riday, April 15

Jochen Hellbeck, Davis Center Fellow/Rutgers University, New Brunswick
Moral Tales and Political Reckonings: Soviet Survivors of Nazi Occupation and Their Audiences (1943-1945)

Friday, April 22

Julia Phillips Cohen, Vanderbilt University
An Inherited Trauma? Modern Sephardi Jews and the Spanish Past

April 26-28: Lawrence Stone Lecture Series

Fred Cooper, New York University

Friday, April 29

Jan Gross, Princeton University
‘Making History’: A Historian's Intellectual Journey into the Hidden Polish Past



Previous year:

“In the Aftermath of Catastrophe”

Schedule, 2014-15

All seminars are held in 211 Dickinson, on Fridays at 10:15 a.m., unless otherwise noted

Fall Semester

 Friday, September 19

James E. Young, University of Massachusetts
The Memorial's Arc:   Between Berlin and New York

Friday, September 26

Nicole Archambeau, University of California, Santa Barbara/Davis Center Fellow
Souls under Siege:   Surviving Plague, War, and Doubt in Fourteenth-Century Provence

 Friday, October 3

Jennifer Foray, Purdue University/Davis Center Fellow
Imperial Aftershocks:   The Legacies of Decolonization in the Netherlands

Friday, October 10

Emma Kuby, Northern Illinois University
From Auschwitz to Algeria: French Decolonization and the End of the Anti-Concentration Camp Movement

Friday, October 17

Rebecca Nedostup, Brown University/Davis Center Fellow
Living and Dying in the Long War:   China and Taiwan, 1937-1959

Friday, October 24

Marie-Hé lè ne Huet, Princeton University
From Plague to Cholera (1720-1832), Disasters and Civic Responsibility

Friday, November 7

Pamela Ballinger, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor/Davis Center Fellow
Forgotten Refugees:   Decolonization, Displaced Persons, and the Reconstruction of Italy, 1945-1960

Friday, November 14

Adam Teller, Brown University
From Amsterdam to Istanbul: The Polish-Jewish Refugee Crisis, 1648-1683

Friday, November 21

Pierre Force, Columbia University/Davis Center Fellow
Wealth and Disaster:   Atlantic Migrations from a Pyrenean Town in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Friday, December 5

David Kaiser, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Coordinated Blasts: Migrating Skills in the Early Cold War from H-bombs to the Cosmos

Friday, December 12

Steven Hahn, University of Pennsylvania
The South, the West, and the Imperial American Nation-State

Spring Semester


Friday, February 6

Mark Mazower, Columbia University
Thinking about History in a Time of Revolution: Time, the Hero and the Greek War of Independence

Friday, February 13

David Barnes, University of Pennsylvania/Davis Center Fellow
Lazaretto Ghosts:   Remembered Trauma and the Meanings of Quarantine in the Nineteenth-Century City

Friday, February 20

Sheldon Garon
, Princeton University
On the Transnational Destruction of Cities: What Japan and the U.S. Learned from the Bombing of Britain and Germany in World War II

Friday, February 27

Michal Friedman, Carnegie-Mellon, Pittsburgh
Recovering Sepharad, Recovering Patria: The Origins of Sephardic Studies in Modern Spain

Friday, March 6

Michael Gordin, Princeton University
Lysenko Unemployed: Soviet Genetics after the Aftermath

 Friday, March 13

Emmanuel Kreike, Princeton University
Between the Dogs of War and the Water Wolf: The Socio-Environmental Impact of the Dutch Revolt in late 16th Century Holland

Friday, March 27

Atina Grossmann, Cooper Union/Davis Center Fellow
Remapping Survival:   Jewish Refugees and Lost Memories of Displacement, Trauma, and Rescue in Soviet Central Asia, Iran, and India

Friday, April 3

Rohit De, Yale University
Taming the Custodian: Partition, Evacuee Property and Everyday Economic Life in India and Pakistan

Friday, April 10

Caroline Elkins, Harvard University
The Long Shadow of Mau Mau: History, Archives, and the High Court

 Friday, April 17

Fabien Théofilakis, Centre Marc Bloch
From History to Story: Eichmann in Jerusalem, Perpetrator of the Shoah, Witness of Its Aftermath and Still Convinced a Nazi

Friday, April 24

Catherine Caruth, Cornell University
Floating History

April 28-30: Lawrence Stone Lecture Series

Chris Clark, St Catharine's College, University of Cambridge

Friday, May 1

Jeremy Adelman, Princeton University
After Conquest: The Reconstruction of Empire in Latin America




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