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Friday, October 2

Julia Smith , University of Glasgow
Gathered Together from Everywhere:   Mapping Early Medieval Relic Collections, c.700-c.1100

Friday, October 9

Ania Loomba , University of Pennsylvania
Re-orienting the English Renaissance

Friday, October 16

Adam McKeown , Columbia University
The Movement and Meaning of Mobility 1830-1940

Friday, October 23

Eve Troutt Powell , University of Pennsylvania
Bodies Caught on Film: Photographing Sudanese Slaves in the Early Twentieth Century

Friday, October 30

Mae Ngai , Columbia University
The True Story of Ah Jake: Translation and Justice among Chinese Miners in Nineteenth-Century California

Friday, November 13 

Elizabeth Mancke , University of Akron
Spatially Radical Empires: European Expansion and the Making of Modern Geopolitics

Friday, November 20

Thomas Lekan , Davis Center Fellow/University of South Carolina
Green Tourism: Consumption and Conservation in Twentieth-Century Germany

Friday, December 4

Petra Goedde , Davis Center Fellow/Temple University
Cold Peace: The International Discourse on Peace during the Cold War

Friday, December 11 

John McNeill , Georgetown University
Lord Cornwallis vs. Anopheles Quadrimaculatus , 1780-81

Friday, December 18

Dorothy Noyes , Davis Center Fellow/Ohio State University
From the Camel's Mouth: The Moving Local of Seventeenth-Century Languedoc


Friday, February 12

Daniel Botsman , University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Freedom Without Slavery?  The Case of the Maria Luz and the Meanings of Emancipation in Nineteenth Century Japan

Friday, February 19

Patrick Geary , University of California, Los Angeles
The "Living Dead:" Disputing Texts and Claiming Languages in the Nineteenth Century

Friday, February 26 -- postponed to Friday, April 30

Jocelyn Olcott , Davis Center Fellow/Duke University
The Greatest Consciousness-Raising Event in History: The 1975 International Women’s Year Conference and the Challenge of Transnational Feminism

Friday, March 5

Mary Nolan , Davis Center Fellow/New York University
Europe and America in the Twentieth Century

Friday, March 12

Pamela Smith , Davis Center Fellow/Columbia University
Knowledge in Motion: A History of Science in the Early Modern World

Friday, March 26

Webb Keane , University of Michigan
Materiality, Deep Time, and Cultural Comparison

Friday, April 2

Cemil Aydin , George Mason University
Debating the Ottoman Caliphate and the “Muslim World,” 1839-1924: A Global Intellectual History

Friday, April 9

Michael David-Fox , Davis Center Fellow/University of Maryland
Showcasing the Great Experiment: Cultural Diplomacy and Western Visitors to Soviet Russia, 1921-1941

Friday, April 16

Elena Isayev , Davis Center Fellow/University of Exeter
Paradoxes of Place: Pausing Motion in Ancient Italy and Now

Friday, April 23

Steven Shapin , Harvard University
Eating Good in the Neighborhood: The Medical and Moral History of Dietary Localism

Stone Lecture Series
Kenneth Pomeranz, University of California, Irvine
"Why Is China So Big?"

010 E. Pyne ~ 4:30 p.m.

 Tuesday, April 27
"Almost Under Heaven: Making and Remaking a "Civilized" Empire"

Wednesday, April 28

"Land, Water, Marriage, and Migration: Regional Economics and Imperial/National Politics"

Thursday, April 29

"One Nation Under Gods: Religion, Culture, and the Containment of Local Loyalties"