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Fall Semester

Friday, September 24

Carol Greenhouse , Princeton University
Question Authority: Emile Durkheim and the Paradox of Political Consensus
Commentator: Daniel T. Rodgers, Princeton University

Friday, October 1

Julia Adams, Yale University
Sovereignty and Historical Sociology: From State Theory to Theories of Empire
Commentator: Yair Mintzker, Princeton University

Friday, October 8

Nasser Hussain, Amherst College
Colonial Air Control: Political Authority and Air Power in the Interwar Years
Commentator: Bhavani Raman, Princeton University

Friday, October 15

Matthew Butler, University of Texas at Austin
The "Totonac Luther": Patriarch Perez and the Failed Christianization of the Mexican Revolution
Commentator: Robert Karl, Princeton University

Friday, October 22

Dan Edelstein, Stanford University
How to Think About Revolutions
Commentator:  David Bell, Princeton University

Friday, October 29

Mayke de Jong, University of Utrecht
Scandalum: Public Offense and Public Authority in the Carolingian World
Commentator: Helmut Reimitz, Princeton University

Canceled -- Friday, November 12

Caroline Elkins, Harvard University
Resurgence of Empire: Britain, Palestine, and Counter-Insurgency after the Second World War

Commentator: Jeremy Adelman, Princeton University

Friday, November 19

Eric D. Weitz, Davis Center Fellow/University of Minnesota
Toward a Critical History of Human Rights

Commentator: G. John Ikenberry, Princeton University

Friday, December 3

Tobie Meyer-Fong, Johns Hopkins University
The Politics of Commemoration in Nineteenth-Century China
Commentator: Susan Naquin, Princeton University

Friday, December 10

Katherine Verdery, Davis Center Fellow/CUNY Graduate Center
Secrets and Truths: Romania's Secret Police and Dilemmas of Legitimation
Commentator: Jan Gross, Princeton University

Friday, December 17

Mridu Rai, Davis Center Fellow/ Trinity College, Dublin
Geographies of Justice: Caste and Violence in Colonial North India
Commentator: Gyan Prakash, Princeton University

Spring Semester

Friday, February 4

Michael Gordin , Princeton University
Skirmishes on the Edge of Creation: Immanuel Velikovsky and the Legitimacy of Science
Commentator:  Matthew Stanley, Gallatin School, New York University

Friday, February 11

Susan Pedersen, Columbia University
A Whole World Talking: Petitions and Peoples before the Mandates System of the League of Nations
Commentator: Robert Tignor, Princeton University

Friday, February 18

Monica Black, Davis Center Fellow/University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Folktales: The German and Central European Lives of Alfred Karasek, Folklorist
Commentator:  Adam Beaver, Princeton University

Friday, February 25

Mary S. Morgan, Davis Center Fellow/London School of Economics and University of Amsterdam
A History of Case Studies in Twentieth-Century Social Sciences: Authoritative but not Legitimate?
Commentator:  Mitch Duneier, Princeton University

Friday, March 4

Brigitte Miriam Bedos-Rezak, New York University
Law, Scholasticism, and the Authentication of Authority: A Clash of Epistemologies in Thirteenth-Century Europe
Commentator:  William C. Jordan, Princeton University

Friday, March 11

Sabrina Mervin, Davis Center Fellow/CNRS, Paris
Organizing Disorder -- Religious Authority in Contemporary Shiite Islam
Commentator: Max Weiss, Princeton University

Friday, March 25

Eva Giloi, Rutgers University, Newark
Culture, Genius, and the Politics of Fame: Paving the Way for Charisma in Germany, 1871-1933
Commentator: Dagmar Herzog, CUNY Graduate Center

Friday, April 1

Andres Resendez, University of California, Davis
The Greatest Insurrection of the Southwest as a Slave Rebellion?: Revisiting the Pueblo Revolt of 1680
Commentator: Wendy Warren, Princeton University

Friday, April 8

Paula E. Findlen, Stanford University
After the Trial: Galileo, His Early Biographers, and the Catholic Church
Commentator:  Anthony Grafton, Princeton University

Friday, April 15

Hugh Thomas, Davis Center Fellow/University of Miami
English Secular Clergy during the Twelfth-Century Renaissance
Commentator:  Celia Chazelle, The College of New Jersey

Friday, April 22

Rachel St. John, Davis Center Fellow/Harvard University
The Imagined States of America: Nation-Building in Nineteenth-Century America
Commentator: Jonathan Levy, Princeton University

April 26-28

Lawrence Stone Lectures

Ayesha Jalal
, Tufts University