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Fall Semester

Friday, September 23 

James Scott, Yale University
The Late Neolithic Multi-species Resetlement Camp, the Earliest States, and the Golden Age of Barbarians
Commentator: Miguel Centeno, Princeton University

 Friday, September 30

Rebecca McLennan, UC Berkeley
Life and Death in American Law: Reconstituting Civiliter Mortuus, 1799 - 1868
Commentator: Margot Canaday, Princeton University

Friday, October 7

Lynn Nyhart, University of Wisconsin-Madison
The Political Organism: Karl Vogt and Biological Politics in the 1840s and 1850s
Commentator: Keith Wailoo, Princeton University

Friday, October 14

Kathleen Wilson, SUNY Stonybrook
Rethinking the Colonial State:   Gender, Family and Governmentality in 18th Century British Frontiers
Commentator: Eleanor Hubbard, Princeton University

 Friday, October 21

 Doris Garraway, Davis Center Fellow/Northwestern University
Picturing Haitian Sovereignty: Portraiture and Self-Fashioning in the Kingdom of Henry Christophe
Commentator: Philip Nord, Princeton University

Friday, October 28

 Pekka Hamalainen, UC Santa Barbara/Oxford University
Retrieving a Continent: Power, Place, and Narrative in North American History during a Long Colonial Era
Commentator: Barbara Oberg, Princeton University

Friday, November 11

Felipe Pereda, John Hopkins University
Mary's Joy at the Foot of the Cross: Alternative Imaginaires in 16th Century Spain
Commentator: Amanda Wunder, Lehman College of the City University of New York

Friday, November 18

Lisa Wedeen, University of Chicago
Abandoning Legitimacy?: Order, Disorder, and Ideology in Syria
Commentator: Amaney Jamal, Princeton University

Friday, December 2

Linda Colley, Princeton University
Written Constitutions, Identity and Empire
Commentator: Hendrik Hartog, Princeton University

 Friday, December 9

Jonathan Rieder, Davis Center Fellow/ Barnard College
The Art of Legitimation: Indignation and Authority in "Letter from Birmingham Jail"
Commentator: Mark Anthony Neal, Duke University

Friday, December 16

Polly Jones, Davis Center Fellow/ University of Oxford
Between Stalin's Authority and Post-Stalinist Legitimacy: Official and Popular Memory of World War II in the Soviet Union after Stalin
Commentator: Serguei A. Oushakine, Princeton University

Spring Semester

Friday, February 10

Stephen Kotkin, Princeton University
Stalin's Dictatorship: Power or Authority?
Commentator: Carles Boix, Princeton University

Friday, February 17

Vincent Brown, Duke University
Apongo aka Wager, Prince of Guinea and Rebel of Jamaica:Locating African Authority in the Atlantic World
Commentator: Tera Hunter, Princeton University

Friday, February 24

Christopher Clark
, University of Cambridge
After 1848: The European Revolution in Government
Commentator: Philip Nord, Princeton University

Friday, March 2

Paul Friedland, Davis Center Fellow/Independent Scholar
Rationalizing Slaughter: The Killing of Animals (and people who behave like animals) In Early Modern Thought and Modern Practice
Commentator:   Yair Mintzker, Princeton University

Friday, March 9

Joanna Tokarska-Bakir, Davis Center Fellow/University of Warsaw
Zydokommuna (Judeo-Commune). Nationalistic Legitimization of Communist Rule in Poland in 1944-1956
Commentator: Irena Gross, Princeton University

Friday, March 16

Helmut Smith, Vanderbilt University
The Authority of Political Geography and the Shape of Nineteenth-Century Germany
Commentator: Anson Rabinbach, Princeton University

 Friday, March 30

Frédérique Lachaud, University of Metz
Authority and Delegation of Power in English and French Medieval Thought
Commentator: William C. Jordan, Princeton University

Friday, April 6

Christine Philliou, Davis Center Fellow/Columbia University
Authority Displaced: Ottoman Intellect in a Modern World
Commentator: Robert Geraci, Institute for Advanced Studies/University of Virginia

April 13

Hilda Sabato, Davis Center Fellow/ Universidad de Buenos Aires
The Republican Experiment in Spanish America
Commentator: Thomas Bender, New York University

Friday, April 20

Christopher Capozzola, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Criminality and Collaboration in Manila, 1945: Adjudicating Legitimacy, Legitimating Adjudication
Commentator: Daniel T. Rodgers, Princeton University

Friday, April 27

M. Cecilia Gaposchkin, Davis Center Fellow/Dartmouth University
Crusade, Liturgy, Ideology, and Devotion (1095-1400)
Commentator:  Nicholas Paul, Fordham University

April 30 - May 3

Lawrence Stone Lectures: Postponed to Fall 2012

Stuart B. Schwartz, Yale University