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Second year of Cities, 2004/2005

All seminars held in 211 Dickinson Hall at 4:30 pm on Thursdays unless otherwise noted

Fall Semester

September 16
Tony Vidler , The Cooper Union
Fortress Urbanism: Architecture in the Age of Anxiety
Urban Reflections Lecture
101 McCormick

September 23
Sikivu Hutchinson , Independent Scholar
Deep in the Blood of Time: Witnessing Trains and Landscapes of Memory in Los Angeles
Commentator: Sean Wilentz, Princeton University

September 30
Zeynep Celik , New Jersey Institute of Technology
House of Algiers
Commentator: Molly Greene, Princeton University

October 7
David Harvey , CUNY Graduate Center
Possible Urban Worlds
Urban Reflections Lecture
101 McCormick
October 14
Maria Golia , Independent Writer
Cairo: The City at Work
Commentator: Khaled Fahmy, New York University

October 21
Raj Chandavarkar , University of Cambridge
The Perils of Proximity: Rivalries and Conflicts in the Making of the Neighbourhood in Bombay City in the Early Twentieth Century
Commentator: Rob Gregg, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

November 4
Carol Symes , University of Illinois
"In the Open of Arras":   Sightlines, Soundscapes, and the Shaping of a Medieval Public Sphere
Commentator: Kathleen Davis, Princeton University

November 11
Salman Rushdie
The Novel and the City
Urban Reflections Lecture
McCosh 10

November 18
Martin J. Murray, Davis Center Fellow/SUNY Binghamton
The City in Fragments: Kaleidoscopic Johannesburg After Apartheid
Commentator: Bob Tignor, Princeton University

December 2
Pamela Long , Davis Center Fellow/Independent Scholar
Engineering, Power, and Knowledge in Early Counter-Reformation Rome, c. 1557-1570
Commentator: D. Graham Burnett, Princeton University

December 9
Frank Mort , Davis Center Fellow/University of Manchester
London and the Origins of the Permissive Society:  Metropolitan Culture and Moral Change 1945-63
Commentator: Christine Stansell, Princeton University

Spring Semester

February 3
Jim Amelang, Universidad Autónoma, Madrid
A Barcelona Model?
Commentator: Peter Lake, Princeton University

February 10
Carl Nightingale, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
The Urban and Global Origins of Color Lines in Colonial Madras and New York
Commentator: Peter Silver, Princeton University

February 17
Teresa Caldeira , University of California, Irvine
Re-Imagining Inequality:  Hip-hop, the Periphery, and Spatial Segregation in São Paulo
Commentator: Miguel Centeno, Princeton University

February 24
Jennifer Light, Northwestern University
Programming the City
Commentator: Michael Mahoney, Princeton University

March 3
Anne-Maria Makhulu , Society of Fellows, Princeton University
Marginality and the Post-Apartheid City
Commentator: Zolani Ngwane, Haverford College

March 24
Chris Fuller and Haripriya Narasimhan , London School of Economics and Political Science
Brahmans, Migration and Software: The Making of Contemporary Chennai (Madras)
Commentator: Nick Dirks, Columbia University

March 31
David Frisby , Davis Center Fellow/ University of Glasgow
A Comparative, Historical Analysis of Urban Spaces, Contested Sites and Cultural Formations in the
Metropolitan Modernity of Berlin and Vienna from the Late 19th Century to 1940

Commentator: Anson Rabinbach, Princeton University

April 7
Kristin Ross , New York University
Mediterranean Noir: Crime Fiction and Urban History
Urban Reflections Lecture
McCosh 28

April 14
Sheila Crane , Davis Center Fellow/ University of California, Santa Cruz
Mediterranean Borderlands at the Ends of Empire: Decolonization and Urban Translations between Algiers & Marseille
Commentator: James McDougall, Princeton University

April 21
Jordan Sand , Davis Center Fellow/Georgetown University
Bubble Culture: Speculation and Memory in Late Twentieth-Century Tokyo
Commentator: Ravi Sundaram, Princeton University

April 28
Sarah Schrank , Davis Center Fellow/California State University, Long Beach
Art and the City: Race, Place and the Transformation of Civic Culture in Twentieth Century Los Angeles
Commentator: Hal Foster, Princeton University

May 5
Patrick Joyce , University of Manchester
The City and the State: Securing the Truth of Governance in Modern Liberalism
Commentator: Philip Nord, Princeton University