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First year of Utopias/Dystopias, 2005-2006

All seminars held in 211 Dickinson Hall at 4:30 pm on Thursdays unless otherwise noted

Fall Semester

September 16 & 17
Conference Honoring Professor Robert Tignor
The Empire and Its Discontents

September 22
Mark Wigley, Columbia University
Line Disease: New Babylon + Fun Palace
101 McCormick

September 29
David Anderson, Oxford University
Africa's Age of Dissent: Revisiting Histories of Nationalisms
Commentator: Robert Tignor, Princeton University

October 6
Prasenjit Duara, University of Chicago
Manchukuo and the History of the Present
Commentator: Stephen Kotkin, Princeton University

October 13
Asif Siddiqi
, Fordham University
"Is Utopia Really Possible?": Technological Utopianism, Mysticism, and the Origins of Russian Spaceflight
Commentator: Michael Mahoney, Princeton University

October 20
Megan Vaughan, University of Cambridge
Slavery and the Utopian Family: Mauritius in the Eighteenth Century
Commentator: Helen Tilley, Princeton University

October 27
Eri Hotta, Oxford University
Japanese Pan-Asianism: Tea, China, and the Co-Prosperity Sphere
Commentator: David Howell, Princeton University

November 10
M. Cecilia Gaposchkin, Dartmouth College
Defining the Ideal King: Retrospective Interpretations of Saint Louis' Reign
Commentator: Samantha Kelly, Rutgers University

November 17
Daniel Smail, Fordham University
Western Civ and the Idea of Paleolithic Dystopia
Commentator: Anthony Grafton, Princeton University

December 1
Susanna Hecht
, Davis Center Fellow/University of California, Los Angeles
Tropical Utopias: Practical and Political Imagination in the New World
Commentator: Emmanuel Kreike, Princeton University

December 8
Mae M. Ngai, University of Chicago
Of Law and Life: Tape v. Hurley and the Origins of the Chinese American Middle Class
Commentator: Hendrik Hartog, Princeton University

December 15
Margaret Elen Deming
, Davis Center Fellow/Syracuse University
Wish Landscapes and Garden Cities: The Landscape Iconology of English Urban Reform, 1880-1920
Commentator: Edward Eigen, Princeton University

Spring Semester

February 16
Christina Brandt, Max-Planck Institute, Berlin
Between Fact and Fiction: Literary Representations of the Clone, 1960-1980
Commentator: Michael Gordin, Princeton University

February 23 --- CANCELLED
Seminar is canceled -- please accept our apologies for the inconvenience

March 2
Jennifer Wenzel, Davis Center Fellow/University of Michigan
Bulletproof: Afterlives of Anti-Colonial Millenarian Movements
Commentator: Simon Gikandi, Princeton University

March 9
Igal Halfin, Davis Center Fello/Tel Aviv University
Stalinist Confessions in an Age of Terror: Messianic Times at the Leningrad Communist Universities
Commentator: Mark Mazower, Columbia University

March 16
Yuri Tsivian, University of Chicago
Charlie Chaplin and Taylorist Utopia in Soviet Avant-Garde Art of the Twenties
Commentator: Olga Hasty, Princeton University

March 29 & 30
Utopia Station
A Project Organized by Molly Nesbit, Vassar College; Rirkrit Tiravanija, Artist, Thailand; and Hans Ulrich Obrist, Curator, Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris
3/29 from 6:00 - 10:00 p.m., Frist 302
3/30 from 4:30 - 7:30 p.m., 101 McCormick

April 6
Rahul Mehrotra, University of Michigan
Architecture and Urban Planning
Commentator: Sarah Whiting, Princeton University

April 13
Michael Dutton, University of Melbourne
Utopia and the Question of the Political
Commentator: Sankar Muthu, Princeton University

April 20
Lauren Benton, Davis Center Fellow/New York University
Empires of Exception: Heterotopia and Global Legal Geography
Commentator: Jeremy Adelman, Princeton University

April 27
Aditya Nigam, Davis Center Fellow/Center for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi
Dalits, Modernity and the Consumption "Utopia"
Commentator: Gautam Ghosh, University of Pennsylvania

May 4
Jacqueline Stewart, Davis Center Fellow/University of Chicago
Race Film as Utopia: Spencer Williams and the Frontier
Commentator: Jeremy Braddock, Princeton University