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Second Year of Utopia/Dystopia, 2006-2007

All seminars are held in 211 Dickinson, at 4:30 pm, unless otherwise noted.

Fall Semester

September 21
Nancy MacLean, Northwestern University
Neo-Confederacy vs. the New Deal: The Regional Utopia of the Modern American Right
Commentator: Daniel Rodgers, Princeton University

September 28
Elizabeth Borgwardt, Washington University in St. Louis
Present at the Creation? Human Rights, Non-Governmental Organizations, and the 1945 San Francisco Conference
Commentator: Anne Kornhauser, Princeton University

October 5
Mark Mazower, Columbia University
Administering Occupation: the SS, the Party and the Nazi New Order in Europe, 1938-1942
Commentator: Sheldon Garon, Princeton University

October 12
John Krige, Georgia Institute for Technology/Davis Center Fellow
Atoms for Peace and the Visual Rhetoric of Modernity
Commentator: Zia Mian, Princeton University

October 19
Fredric Jameson, Duke University
Utopia as Method
Robertson Hall Bowl 1

October 26
Andrew Barshay, University of California, Berkeley
Knowledge Painfully Acquired: The Gulag Memoirs of a Japanese Humanist, 1945-1949
Commentator: Stephen Kotkin, Princeton University

November 9
Caroline Elkins, Harvard University
The Most Expensive Form of Illness: Terrorism in Late Colonial Malaya
Commentator: Emmanuel Kreike, Princeton University

November 16
Marci Shore, Indiana University
Zwischeneuropa: The Search for Modernity between Paris and Petersburg, 1910-1930
Commentator: Michael Wachtel, Princeton University

November 30
David Pinder, Queen Mary, University of London/Davis Center Fellow
The Breath of the Possible: Utopianism and the Street in Twentieth-Century Urbanism
Commentator: Edward Eigen, Princeton University

December 7
Ruth Rogaski, Vanderbilt University
Cold Utopia:  Science and Sentiment in 17th Century Manchuria
Commentator: Benjamin Elman, Princeton University

December 14
Susan Dudash, Utah State University
Strategies for Giving Voice to the People in Late Medieval France:  Eustache Deschamps, Christine de Pizan, and Jean Gerson
Commentator: John Haldon, Princeton University

Spring Semester

February 8
Dipesh Chakrabarty, University of Chicago
Historical Truth and Political Utopia: The Struggle Over Indian History at the End of Empire, 1920-1950
McCormick 101

February 15
Peggy McCracken, University of Michigan
The Virgin Mary in Jerusalem:  Utopia, Body, and Place in Thirteenth-Century Marian Miracles
Commentator: D. Vance Smith, Princeton University

February 22
Setha Low, The Graduate Center of the City University of New York
The New Emotions of Home: Fear, Insecurity and Paranoia

Commentator: Kevin Kruse, Princeton University
March 1
Anne-Maria Makhulu, Duke University/Davis Center Fellow
The Geography of Freedom: South Africa’s Radical Spaces in Revolutionary Times
Commentator:  Evan Lieberman, Princeton University

March 8
Claudio Lomnitz, Columbia University
Technocracy and Dystopia: Science and Liberal Ideals in Late 19th Century Mexico
Commentator:  Jeremy Adelman, Princeton University

March 15
Mark Shiel, King's College, London/Davis Center Fellow
The Real Los Angeles: Hollywood, Cinema, and the City of Angels
Commentator:  Maria DiBattista, Princeton University

March 29
Lizabeth Cohen, Harvard University
Urban Renewal Czar Edward J. Logue and Utopian Visions of the Postwar American City
Commentator:  Hendrik Hartog, Princeton University

April 5
David Blackbourn, Harvard University
The Dream of Human Mastery: "Conquering" Nature in Modern Germany
Commentator: Philip Nord, Princeton University

April 12
Shira Robinson, University of Iowa/Davis Center Fellow
Lessons Learned: Military Government in Israel as a Precursor to Occupation, 1948-1982
Commentator:  Julie Taylor, Princeton University

April 19
Ravi Vasuvedan, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies/Davis Center Fellow
Segmented and Utopian Publics: The Constructed and Imagined Audiences of Indian Popular Cinema

Commentator: Richard Allen, New York University
April 26
Tim Mitchell, New York University
The Hydrocarbon Utopia
Commentator: Robert Vitalis, University of Pennsylvania

May 3
Luise White, University of Florida/Davis Center Fellow
Rhodesia is Super: Utopian Exceptionalism and Decolonized Dystopias
Commentator: Steven Feierman, University of Pennsylvania

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