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Works in Progress

2015 -15
Talks will take place in 211 Dickinson at 4:30 pm

Fall Term

Wednesday, October 22

Anthony Grafton, Princeton University
Philology and Divination: The Meaning, Origin and Fortunes of a Scholarly Practice

Wednesday, November 19

Sean Wilentz, Princeton University
Antislavery and the Federal Constitution

Wednesday, December 3

Tera Hunter, Princeton University
Marriage "Under the Flag": Slavery, Civil War, and African-American Intimate Relationships

Spring Term

Wednesday, February 25

Philip Nord, Princeton University
French Communism and the Memory of Deportation

Wednesday, March 11

Anson Rabinbach, Princeton University
Concepts that Came in from the Cold: Conceptual History and the 20th Century

Wednesday, March 25

Regina Kunzel, Princeton University
The Rise of Gay Rights and the Disavowel of Disability

Wednesday, April 15

Linda Colley, Princeton University
Writing Constitutions and Writing World History