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Works in Progress

2013 -14
Talks will take place in 211 Dickinson at 4:30 pm

Fall Term

September 25            
William C. Jordan
From England to France:  Felony and Exile in the High Middle Ages

December 4              
Katja Guenther
Localization and Its Discontents – A Genealogy of Psychoanalysis and the Neuro Disciplines, c. 1850-1950

Spring Term

February 12              
Teresa Shawcross
A Catastrophist's Tale: The Byzantine Empire Beyond Historical Narrative

March 5                     
John Haldon
Goldilocks in Byzantium, or: The Empire That Wouldn't Die

March 26:                   
Daniel T. Rodgers
"As a City upon a Hill": Towards a Global History

April 2                        
Nancy Malkiel
Coeducation and the Transformation of Elite Higher Education, 1965-1975

April 9           
Gyan Prakash
Dominance without Hegemony: The Postcolonial State in India

April 23                      
Stephen Kotkin
Tar Baby: The Soviet Union in Afghanistan