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Stone Professors

The Davis Center established the Visiting Stone Professorship in 2001 to commemorate Lawrence Stone, the Center's founding director. Under this program, each year the Center invites distinguished historians in different fields to visit the History Department for one to two week periods. The Visiting Stone Professors deliver lectures on their ongoing research, meet with students, and discuss their experiences as historians with faculty and graduate students. This program offers unique opportunities for not only showcasing exemplary historical research but also for learning about and learning from the professional lives of extraordinarily accomplished historians.

Chris Wickham



Spring, 2013

Stuart B. Schwartz



Fall, 2012 

Ayesha Jalal



Spring, 2011

Kenneth Pomranz



Spring, 2010

Thomas J. Sugrue



Spring, 2009

Mark Mazower



Spring, 2008

Cemal Kafadar



Spring, 2007

Steven Hahn



Spring, 2006

Rashid Khalidi



Fall, 2005

Rebecca Scott



Spring, 2005

Peter Burke



Fall, 2004

Linda Gordon



Spring, 2004

Simon J. Schaffer



Fall, 2003

Richard White



Spring, 2003

Patrick Geary



Fall, 2002

Mary Elizabeth Berry



Spring, 2002

Romila Thapar



Fall, 2001

Sir Keith Thomas



Spring, 2001