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Cities: Space, Society, and History

During the academic years 2003/04 and 2004/05, the Shelby Cullom Davis Center for Historical Studies will focus on the study of the city in history. We invite scholars from all disciplines to examine the history of the city as a physical and social space-- not as an inert container for social, political, and economic processes, but as a historically produced space that shapes, and is shaped by, power, economy, culture, and society. As in the past, we hope to address topics and problems from a wide variety of periods and places, from prehistory to the present, and from all parts of the world. Topics will include: city and countryside; city and citizenship; merchants, guilds, and the city; migration and the city; urban economics and politics; the production of urban space; the urban landscape and experience; urban planning and development; urban architecture; global cities; colonialism, nationalism, and the city; city and religion; city and modernity; the city and literary, artistic, and musical representations; city and memory; race and ethnicity, class, gender, and sexuality in the city; the geography of urban power and culture; urban poverty and slums; city and cosmopolitanism; and the city as a place of difference.