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Past Stone Scholars

Year 2009-10

  • Justine Drennan
    Strangers who Built an American Dream: Chinese and Irish Workers on the Transcontinental Railroad
  • Alissa Escarce
    Indigenous and Indigenist:   The Politics of Mexican and American Anthropology in Chiapas, Mexico, 1951-1976
  • Miranda Sachs
    Les Enfants de la Guerre: Childhood in France during World War I
  • Janice Tiao
    From Midwives to Male Practitioners: The Gender Dynamics in Eighteenth-Century British Childbirth
  • Anna Toledano
    Sleeping Giants: The Megatherium and el Real Gabinete de Historia Natural in 18th- and 19th-Century Madrid

Year 2008-09

  • Jesse George-Nichol
    When Carnage Has Sat Down to His Feasts: the Hidden Struggle of the North Carolina Secession Convention
  • John Thomas Nelson
    Healthy Bodies, Healthy Cadres: Soviet Medicine in a Time of Reform
  • Caitlin Tully
    The Implementation of Virtue in the Pursuit of Prosperity: Disestablishment and Election Rhetoric in Early Nineteenth Century Connecticut
  • Sucharita Ray
    Plague, Insurrection and the Popolo Minuto in Fourteenth Century Siena

Year 2007-08:

  • Thomas Haine
    From Idea to Necessity: The Foundation of Hong Kong
  • Elizabeth Schwall
    Ballet and the Cuban Revolution: Dialogue between Art and Politics in Castro's Revolutionary Society
  • Jay Thornton
    Antonio Maceo's Development as  a Cuban National Leade
  • Jolee VanLeuven
    A Study of the American Preservation and Outdoor Recreation Movement
  • Martha Vega-Gonzalez
    A Study of the Spanish Civil War

Year 2006-07

  • Brendan Brady
    The Role of Language and the Press During the Dirty War in Argentina (1976-1983)
  • Laura Hurd
    French History and Colonization
  • Aiala Levy
    Political Radicalization of Argentina during the Belle Epoque
  • Asheesh Siddique
    British and American Suffragists
  • Charles M. Stone
    Washington Conference of May 1943
  • Jeffrey Wayno
    Henry III and the Royal Jewels of England

Year 2005-06:

  • Erin Blake
    An examination of the role of US WWII and post-WWII atomic policies on the development of nuclear energy, for both peaceful and military purposes, in Argentina
  • Julia Friedlander
    An investigation of the Pan-Europeanist movements that existed before the outbreak of the First World War
  • Iva Kleinova
    A study of the lived experience of the Nazi occupation oby analyzing the creative production of Group 42, a group that resists normative classification
  • Caroline Lau  
    The Woman as Patient, Body, and Practitioner: The New Medical Culture of Late 19th Century America
  • Phillip Lehmann
    The Colonial Idea and Nation-building in Early Wilhelmine Germany: Scientific Expeditions, Ethnographical Museums, and Colonial Associations
  • Erik Linstrum
    An investigation of Italy and the English Imagination
  • Fernando Montero
    Evacuation From, Of, and Towards: The Camp, The Colony, The Suburb
  • Duncan Sahner
    To explore via artwork, memoirs, and official state documents the ways in which the French court of the ancient regime perceived the Habsburg dynasty of Austria
  • Kyle Weza
    A study of the creation and importance of the Socialist parade ground in East Germany during the postwar period
  • Elizabeth Yates
    History of Environmental Racism in the Southeast (1945-1985)

Year 2004-05

  • Jennifer Albinson
    An investigation of the interconnections between Cuba and the U.S. black power movement in the 1960's and 1970's
  • Sherene Awad
    A study of the development of Egyptian foreign policy towards the United States from February 1954 to February 1955
  • Julia Ioffe A study of the Soviet connection to the Spanish speaking world
  • Shahrzad Joharifard
    A study of the history of the Marxist-Leninist regime in Benin
  • Diana Lemberg
    Diets of the Raj: The Formation of Dietary Identities in Late-Nineteenth Century Colonial India
  • Sara Mayeaux
    A study of the representations of Italian Fascism and the Mussolini regime in postwar children's Media
  • Jose Melendez
    Maroon Cartographies: the Lesser Antilles and Puerto Rico, 1762-1873
  • Raphael Moreen
    A study of how the patriot leaders of Ireland were influenced during the period of the American Revolution
  • Steffen Simon
    To study U.S. High Commissioner John McCloy's role in the decision-making process to end the dismantling of the German Industry

Year 2002-03:

  • Rachel Bernard
    A study of the history of Los Angeles Unified School District and how it has responded to the changing demographics of the city of Los Angeles 
  • Katherine Linder
    A study of the Democratization of Travel in the 19th to early 20th centuries 
  • Johan Mathew
    A study on the relationship between the Pan-Islam movements and the efforts of the Anglo-Indian colonial administration to expand its power in the Middle East around World War I 
  • John Matsui
    A study of the Northern shift toward the radical Republican position on the South and slavery in 1862, during the second year of the American Civil War 
  • Jose Perez Melendez
    (unable to accept)
    Representing Urban Expansion. San Juan and La Habana at the End of the Spanish Empire 
  • Bruno Mikanowaski
    A study of the transformations in the Polish avant-garde centered in Krakow and the nearby village of Zakopane in the decade preceding WWI 
  • Elisa Minoff
    A study of European and American New Towns in the 1950s and 1960s 
  • Marisa Rauchway
    The Changing Common Sense of Evolutionary Science in American Common Law and Education 
  • Hannah Tappis
    A study of to what extent did the history and conditions of communities along the Mozambique-Malawi border affect the settlement and repartriation of Mozambican refugees during the 1980s and 1990s 
  • Charlotte Whalen
    Presence and Past: Jacob Spon, Seventeenth-Century Antiquarian

Year 2001-02:

  • Hannah Foster
    A study comparing the legal aspects and racialized language of the native land reserves in the United States during the mid-nineteenth century and South Africa at the beginning of the twentieth century. 
  • David Gail
    John F. Kennedy vice-presidential operations at the 1956 Democratic Convention 
  • John Kimble A study of the history of mortgage discrimination in the United States after 1945 
  • William Pollak
    Sex, Science, and Sterilization: the Influence of International Racism on the Development and Implementation of the Nazi's Racial Ideology 
  • Kimberly Ruthsatz
    A study on the impact of Anthony Eden's role in the formation of the Special Relationship between Great Britain and the United States during World War II 
  • Charlotte Walker
    How Women Make History: Mozambican Women and the Struggle for Voice in African History