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DeSC Virtual Applications

Citrix Receiver

First Launch - Configuration for OHM

  1. The first time the Citrix Receiver software is launch will require you to enter your email address (not a server address) in the "Server name/Email" field so Citrix Receiver can find the correct server
  2. If applicable, select “Yes on the “Do you want to allow Citrix Receiver to make changes….” window
  3. Authenticate in the Citrix login window using your NetID and password
  4. Click  “ADD  YOUR FAVORITE APPS”  by clicking the ”+” on the left side of the Citrix Receiver window
  5. Click “University Business Applications”  and select “OHM-Citrix”  on left menu. A green checkmark will appear next to the software name once it has been added to your Citrix Launchpad (the Citrix green main window)
  6. Go back the Citrix Receiver Launchpad and click on the now visible “OHM-Citrix" button to open OHM in Internet Explorer. (You should see “Starting "OHM-Citrix”  with a spinning wheel) First time launch may take approximately 45 seconds.

Subsequent Launches of OHM

The first time you launch OHM-Citrix from the Citrix Launchpad a "OHM-Citrix" shortcut will be placed in the Windows Start Menu and on the Windows Desktop to access the application.

Off-Campus Launches of OHM-Citrix

  • VPN is necessary for off-campus use
  • Special Configuration for OS X VPN
    1. In the VPN Preference Advanced Window, un-check "Send all traffic over VPN Connection"
    2. On the bottom of the left hand window pull down Option menu (Gear icon to the right of the "-") select "Set Service Order" and drag VPN to the bottom of the list.

Folder Redirection Service

How to Configure a DeSC Computer for Folder Redirection

When you are ready to leave for the day today, give yourself 10-15 minutes to perform the following:

  1. Reboot the computer
  2. Once the computer is back up, log into Windows using your domain account.
  3. As the machine is logging in, you should see "Applying Group Policy Objects..." and then "Folder Redirection" which can take  from 10-15 minutes.  On rare occasions, with users with very large amounts of data on their computer it may take up to 40 minutes for Folder Direction to complete).
  4. Next, do one of the following:
    • Wait for the Folder Redirection to complete and for the Windows desktop to appear so you can log off.
    • Leave for the day after you confirmed the Folder Redirection GPO is working.  Windows will automatically lock the desktop 10 minutes after it completes redirecting the folders in the Profile folders.
    • If you don’t see Folder Redirection after logging in  -- Run through steps 1-3 again


Contact Information

If there are any problems please contact:

(609) 258-6034

 Network Share:  \\lowrie\redirect\NetID

DeSC Profile Folder Redirection Status

Profile Folder

Configuration Status


Not Configured (Local Machine)


Configured for Folder Redirection (Network Share)

Start Menu

Not Configured (Local Machine)


Configured for Folder Redirection (Network Share)


Configured for Folder Redirection (Network Share)


Configured for Folder Redirection (Network Share)


Configured for Folder Redirection (Network Share)


Configured for Folder Redirection (Network Share)


Configured for Folder Redirection (Network Share)


Configured for Folder Redirection (Network Share)


Configured for Folder Redirection (Network Share)


Configured for Folder Redirection (Network Share)

Saved Games

Not Configured (Local Machine)