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Test Results Manager Web Application

Feedback and Signoffs -


TRM Users Documentation

DeSC BA Contacts

Role in TRM:  UBA Admins
DeSC BA Contacts
are given UBA Admin Access to TRM Systems by DeSC.

DeSC Alpha Testers

Role in TRM:  Alpha Tester
DeSC Alpha Testers are given Alpha Tester Access to TRM Systems by UBA Admins.

Current list of DeSC BA Contacts (UBA Admins) is available by clicking here

To request UBA Admin access or to send any changes to the DeSC BA Contact lists, please contact or 8-6034


Access Errors

Invalid Login Name or Password Error

Username has not been given access to PU-Trac TRM system.  Please contact UBA admin or to get proper access.

LDAP Authentication Error

Username or password have been entered incorrectly

About University Business Application Testing and TRM Tool

All university bsiness applications are guranteed to run in the full DeSC environment.  As such, any changes to business applications or DeSC software which integrates with UBAs is tested.

TRM is the tool used to track feedbck and sign-off for all evaluation done with University business applications and DeSC Central Software changes scheduled for distributions to production DeSC computers.