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Council Members

Desktop Systems Council Chair

Steven Sather
Associate Chief Information Officer and Director
Support Services, OIT

Desktop Systems Council Members

Charlayne Beavers - The DeSC Program Manager
Technology Integration Manager
Support Services, OIT, 8-6034

Marvin Bielawski
Deputy University Librarian
Library, 8-3190

Karen Chirik
Department Manager
Near East Studies, 8-4427

Joseph Crouthamel
Technical Support Analyst
Computer Science, 8-6166

Judy Hanson
Department Manager
History Department, 8-4151

Paul Lynn
Lead Programmer
Administrative Information Services, OIT, 86212

Dave Morreale
Senior Manager
Desktop Support, Support Services, OIT, 8-6018

Steven Niedzwiecki
Manager, Security and Data Protection
Enterprise Infrastructure Services, OIT, 8-1618

Matt Parker
Technical Support Analyst
Economics, 8-2145

Vikki Ridge
Senior Human Resource Manager
Facilities, 8-5301

Leila Shahbender
Manager, Student Computing
Support Services, OIT, 8-2366

Membership terms are three years with reappointment possible.

The Council reports to the Vice President for Information Technology and CIO.