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DeSC Laptop Information

A laptop manged in the DeSC Standard environment requires the user to take on more responsibility for their computer to ensure that it is available for distributions.  The DeSC Laptop requires more user intervention to maintain then a DeSC Desktop computer or a non-managed laptop. A DeSC Laptop is for users willing to abide by the Council rules to gain mobile computing in an environment with DeSC’s commitment to university business applications compatibility, integrity, secruity and centrally managed support.

Program Requirements:

CrashPlan Backup Information

DeSC laptops will be configured CrashPlan backup service 

Microsoft Patches

Over a weekend that Princeton is distributing the Microsoft patches, you can still receive the Microsoft updates even when you are not using your computer. As long as the laptop is powered on, the power adapter is powering the laptop (the lid can be open or closed) and there is a network connection, your laptop will receive the Microsoft updates over the weekend which can reduce your log in time the next time you are on campus and bring up your laptop.

Please contact or 8-6034 if you have any questions.