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DeSC Non-SFI Managed

Managed Environment for Windows Devices Without an OIT Image

DeSC Non-SFI Managed is a managed Windows computing environment offering for University faculty and staff devices with fewer restrictions.  Any Active Directory Domain or Non-Domain device is permissible as long as it is running Windows XP to Windows 8 versions capable of joining to the Domain and meets the below criteria.

See Knowledgebase Article 1034 for more information, including the full list of criteria for participating in DeSC Non-SFI Managed Domain and Non Domain environments.

How to Join a Windows Device

To join a Windows device , that meet the below criteria, to the Non-SFI Managed environment:

  • Review the DeSC Non-SFI Managed requirements and setup device accordingly
  • On the computer you want to add to DeSC Non-SFI log into the KACE Software Portal at and select "WIN - Enroll Non-SFI Managed Environment"

If you have multiple machines to add to the DeSC Non-SFI manged environment, you may complete and submit the Non-SFI Managed "Opt-In" Request Form and the distribution will be deployed silently to your machines.

The DeSC Non-SFI Manage distribution does not require a reboot.

Software Set

  • Receive Microsoft updates through Windows Software Updates (WSUS)
  • Receive Mozilla Firefox install (if it is not installed)
  • Receives the following updates:
    • McAfee ePO Agent
    • Dell KACE Agent
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • JAVA
    • Flash
    • Shockwave
    • Adobe Air
    • iTunes