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The DeSC Program: Managed Environment Updates

The DeSC Program Updates - February 2013

The DeSC Program Migration Project

DeSC Standard Migration Project Information

Microsoft Windows 8 operating system and Internet Explorer 9 and 10 web browsers are not currently supported in The DeSC Program. 

DeSC Hardware Replacement Cycle.

  • Dell OptiPlex 755 (Falls below minimum in December 2013)
  • Dell Latitude E6400 (Falls below minimum between November 1, 2012-April 27, 2014)


MacDeSC Standard Migration
Apple Mountain Lion 10.8 operating system is available in MacDeSC Standard.

MacDeSC Standard Hardware and Operating System Replacement Cycle.

  • Apple iMac - pre-2010 (Falls below minimum by August 30, 2013)
  • Apple Leopard 10.5 and Snow Leopard 10.6  (Falls below minimum by August 30, 2013)

Contact your SCAD/DCS member or OIT Help Desk ( or  8-HELP) to request OIT Desktop Support assistance for  new computer setup in your department.


DeSC Standard Licensed Adobe Software

Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe InDesign
Due to decrease demand and usage of Adobe Dreamweaver and the increase demand for InDesign, Dreamweaver will no longer be centrally distributed to new DeSC and MacDeSC Standard computers.  As of July 1, 2012, DeSC started centrally distributed  Adobe InDesign  to new DeSC and MacDeSC Standard computers. DeSC and MacDeSC computers with existing installs of Dreamweaver will continue to access and run Dreamweaver until the computer either falls bellows the DeSC hardware minimum or is removed from the DeSC or MacDeSC Standard environment.  For complete details see

Managed Environments Updates

DeSC Standard
The following hardware has been approved as DeSC models by the Desktop Systems Council and may now participate in the DeSC Standard Environment.  The computer must be imaged with the OIT Windows 7 32-bit SFI Image, if the department chooses to join it to DeSC Standard.

  • Dell OptiPlex 9010
  • Dell Latitude E6430
  • Dell Latitude E6430S Slim
  • Dell Latitude 6430U Ultrabook

MacDeSC Standard
Macintosh computer models must meet the following minimum hardware specifications to be eligible for the MacDeSC Standard environment by September 2, 2013:

  • Apple Intel iMac
  • Purchased after Jan 2010
  • Operating System:  Lion (10.7)

MacDeSC LiteAvailable
MacDeSC Lite is Mac OSX managed computing environment, similar to MacDeSC Standard, for all Macs models including laptops but with few restrictions.  As with McDeSC Standard, University Business Applications are not guaranteed to run in MacDeSC Lite.

Self-Encrypting Drives (SED)/OPAL Drives - DeSC Standard Minimum Hard Disk Requirement

Starting January 14, 2013  the default hard drive, and the only upgrade options, on all Princeton Standard Configuration Laptop Kits  (Dell and Lenovo) will be the Self-Encrypting Drive/OPAL drives.  Any order purchased from the Dell Premier Standard configuration page or from within the FCP Application will, by default, ship with a SED/OPAL drive. and will be centrally managed for reporting.

These drives, which come from the factory encrypted, will be managed as they come on campus to support centrally escrowing the keys and provide encryption status reporting in case the unit is lost or stolen.


  • The Bomgar Jump Client will be distributed to all Windows DeSC Standard and DeSC Lite computers on Monday evening, Feb 18, 2013. Bomgar is used by the Help Desk and/or SCADDCS members to provide remote assistance troubleshooting. Users would have to grant permission before each session before the tech would have remote access. All connections are logged centrally by the Bomgar Service.
  • As announced at a previous SCAD/DCS meeting, Mozilla Firefox is distributed and installed on all DeSC Standard, DeSC Lite, MacDeSC Standard and MacDeSC Lite machines that currently do not have Firefox installed .  Automated updates will be distributed on weekends when made available by Lumension on the Dell KACE managment system.
  • Starting January 14, 2013 all Princeton Dell Premier Site kits are shipping from the Dell factory with the ePO and KACE agent installed.
  • Until further notice DeSC Program computers will remain at Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 to maintain compatibility with PeopleSoft Financials .  Since PS Financials is not due to upgrade until the larger Princeton Prime project is complete in 2014, research is underway to investigate options.
  • A Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit image will made available by late Spring/early Summer 2013 for DeSC Lite environment.  OIT currently does not plan to  support a Windows 8 32- bit SFI image in the DeSC Program managed environments.
  • A Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit image will made available for the DeSC Standard Environment by the second quarter of 2013.  Microsoft Windows 8 image is not currently scheduled to be made available for DeSC  Standard environment.