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DeSC Life Cycle

Following is the recommendation from the Desktop Systems Council for adjusting the DeSC computer life cycle to five years. This recommendation has been approved by Betty Leydon.

The standard for DeSC desktop computers will be shifting to a five-year replacement cycle. There are still discussions whether or not this change should be implemented for laptops that are part of the DeSC program. As of today, there has not been a discussion if the FCP should move to a longer replacement cycle. If that discussion happens and there is some change to the program the Council will let you know.

When the normal replacement cycle for DeSC desktop systems shifted from three years to four years, provisions were made to add a fourth year of maintenance. The hope is that we will be able to do the same thing with machines we will expect to last for five years. That "additional" year will probably be offered when computers are in their fourth year of use.

While the DeSC machines participation is extended to a fifth year, we cannot be sure that they will not require software and/or memory upgrades before the end of this cycle. (It is extremely difficult to predict what new software releases from vendors might require in the coming year.)

The Desktop Systems Council will continue to evaluate hardware and software requirements to determine the appropriate "refresh" cycle. For this reason, the Council can not guarantee that the life-cycle will remain at five years if it is determined that this is not the most effective solution for any particular model.

Check the DeSC Hardware Timeline/Roadmap for more information on particular Dell models.