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DeSC Guidelines

Rules for the Administration of Software on DeSC Machines

  1. All DeSC machines are expected to be (logically) connected to the central network reachable with the necessary management protocols and powered on at all times.
  2. OIT will have a valid administrator password for all DeSC machines.
  3. Departments may have valid administrator passwords for their own machines if they are qualified.
  4. All core, operating system software and network software are the province of OIT (specified, purchased and maintained).
  5. With regard to application software:
    • There will be a central set purchased and maintained by OIT, which is available on all DeSC machines.
    • There will be an intermediate set purchased by departments for which OIT agrees to provide service and maintenance.
    • There will be an optional set of software, chosen ad libitum by the departments for which there is no central support. Any application software is permitted as optional software unless it is explicitly placed on a prohibited list (prohibited because it would damage software in categories (4) or (5a)).
    • Administration of rules (4) and (5a)-(5c) will be by the Desktop Systems Council.
  6. All rules are to be applied in a common sense manner, with exceptions permitted when it seems best to do so. Appeals of Council decisions to the Vice President for the Office of Information Technology are possible.
  7. Changes in the above set of rules may be proposed by the Desktop Systems Council for approval by the Vice President for the Office of Information Technology.