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Virtual Solutions Pilot Environment

Published Applications

1. Install KACE Agent

KACE Agent Installation Documentation: KB article

2. Install Citrix Receiver for Production Pilot Environment

Windows and OS X:  Log in to KACE Software Portal and select “Install Citrix Receiver - Windows” or  “Install Citrix Receiver - Mac” from the list of software.

Citrix will install silently in the background.  Installation is complete when a KACE message window appears.

Tthe Receiver icon will be visible in the Windows system tray or in OS X Application folder.

iOS and Android Devices:  Go to and select “View other devices” link if your device is not visible or search for Citrix Receiver in your device store.

3. Setup Citrix Receiver for Production Pilot Environment

While in Pilot there are a limited number of Citrix concurrent licenses.  When you log into the Citrix Receiver and if it returns a "maximum concurrent licenses limit" message, please try again later.

Launch Citrix Receiver

  1. The first time the software is launch will require you to enter your email address (not a server address) in the "Server name/Email" field and Citrix Receiver will access the correct server
  2. If applicable, select “Yes on the “Do you want to allow Citrix Receiver to make changes….” window
  3. Authenticate in the Citrix login window using your NetID and password
  4. Click  “ADD  YOUR FAVORITE APPS”  by clicking the ”+” on the left side of the Citrix Receiver window
  5. Click “All Applications”, find and select your application from the left menu. A green check mark will appear next to the software name once it has been added to your Citrix Launchpad (the Citrix main green window)
  6. Go back the Citrix Receiver Launchpad and click on the now visible application button to open. First time launch may take approximately 45 seconds.


  • Windows: Minimize the green Citrix Receiver window to see the Citrix progress bar window labeled with your application's name (i.e. RDP Client).  Click on the arrow next to "More Information" to see the application start up progress details.

  • Macs OS X:  You will see “Starting application name:”  with a spinning wheel in the center of the green Citrix Receiver window.