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Princeton University
Office of the Dean of the Faculty

Electronic Document Submission via DOFdropbox

June 26, 2014

DOFdropbox is a document exchange area.  Departments can drop  folders with documents for DOF and DOF can drop documents for departments.  It is not an area to store documents.  Ideally it should be empty every morning.

Access to the DOFdropbox is set up in such a way that you can see the content of your own folders, but not any other folder.

Starting July 1, 2014 all forms and supporting documents should be submitted to the DOFdropbox shared drive as described below.

Electronic submission instructions

  • PC users should map the following shared drive:


    Mac users should connect to the server vis the path below:


    If you need help with mapping the shared drive please ask your SCAD for assistance. 

  • To submit documents to DOF create a folder on your desktop using this naming convention: XXX-Actions where XXX is your department's three letter abbreviation (Example: ANT-Actions)
  • Within the department folder, XXX-Actions, create a subfolder for each person/action naming it as follows:
    where Specific Action can be, for example, New Appointment, Reappointment, Promotion, Termination, etc.
    (Example subfolder names: SmithJohn-Promotion, SmithJohn-NewAppointment)
  • Place signed and scanned forms and all required supporting documents in corresponding subfolders.

    Note: All documents should be submitted as PDF files (or scanned as PDF if the original document is provided on paper) with the exception of forms that should be scanned as image files (JPEG, TIFF) after they are downloaded from the DOF web site, filled out, and signed by Department Chair

    Every form and every required supporting document must be submitted as a separate file with a name reflecting corresponding checklist item

    Specific checklists for various types of appointments are available on the DOF web site along with forms.

    Note: The Search Report Form as any other form should be signed and scanned as an image file.  All supporting documents for search report form can be combined into a single pdf file.

  • When you are ready to submit your department's documents to the Dean of the Faculty, drop the XXX-Actions folder in the DOFdropbox shared drive.
    For confidentiality reasons and to ensure proper submission please do not place any document outside of your XXX-Actions folder in DOFdropbox.

    See example submission with screen shots

  • You will know that your documents have been received when we remove your XXX-Actions folder from the DOFdropbox. We will remove them daily.You may submit them as often as you need. 
  • If you need to submit another set of actions, but we have not yet removed your previously submitted XXX-Actions folder, please use the same rules, but name your new folder XXX-Actions-1, 2, etc.
  • If you need to resubmit some missing documents, use the same folder structure, but submit only the missing documents.  In this case it will be helpful if you have emplid in filename so  missing documents can be easily added to the previously submitted package
  • Make sure documents are not sideways when you scan them.  If they are printed landscape, then they need to be scanned landscape.
  • Try to minimize scanning, request documents electronically when possible and convert to PDF.
  • Create your personal folder inside of DEPT-Incoming folder on DOFdropbox drive naming it  XXX-Your FirstName LastName, where XXX is your departments 3-letter(or more) abbreviation. That is area where DOF will drop documents for you when necessary.

Please send any questions or access problems to