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Princeton University
Office of the Dean of the Faculty

Instructions for Completing Dean of the Faculty Appointment Forms


To submit appointment and staff related requests for approval to the Dean of the Faculty's Office.


Please only use these forms for submitting recommendations. They are designed to work with Princeton University's standard administrative desktop computers and software.

Important Changes and Things to Remember

  • Birthdate and Gender are REQUIRED before a person can be paid or enrolled in benefits. We request this information be provided as early in the appointment process as possible.
  • The I-9 certification must be completed within 3 working days of the hire date.
  • The Faculty New Appointment Form and the Faculty Resources Needed Form are now two separate forms.
  • The Search Report Forms have now been consolidated into a single form and can be used for either faculty or academic professional (researchers, professionals, librarians) appointments.
  • We have provided space on all the faculty appointment forms for both home department and official joint department approval information and certifications
  • The appointment form for Postdoctoral Research Fellows and Visiting Fellows/Visiting Research Collaborators has been split into separate forms for appointments: Form PDRF for postdoctoral research fellows and Form V-1 for visiting fellows/research collaborators.
  • On Forms PDRF and V-1 (Postdoctoral Research Fellow/Visiting Fellow appointments), we are requesting you provide both the FTE combined amount of the stipend and any wage supplements, as well as a specific monthly breakout so that we allocate the charges properly
  • The Additional Pay, non-sabbatical Leave of Absence, and Termination forms are shared with the Human Resources and Plasma Physics Lab.

New Terms and Definitions

  • Empl ID: This is each employee's key to the system. It will be assigned upon receipt of the recommendation in our office. Please provide this number on all subsequent paperwork regarding the employee.
  • Citizenship:
    • Nonresident Aliens = Alien Temp
    • Permanent Resident = Alien Perm
    • Citizen = Citizen
  • Work Location: If the employee is not working on campus, please provide the city/state or city/country where they will be working.
  • FTE Fraction: Please provide FTE Teaching fraction for faculty appointments.
  • Functional title: Please provide the functional specialty of the employee. Examples, "Editor", "Laboratory", etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the requested information on these forms.

Helpful Hints

Please be aware of payroll deadlines. We need at least one week prior to the monthly payroll deadline in order to process changes and recommendations.

General Definitions

  • Appointment Start Dates: This date reflects the beginning of the appointment, reappointment, or other job change. Most faculty should have a start date of September 1st unless they are receiving summer salary; most faculty reappointments should have an effective date of July 1st so that their benefits coverage is not discontinued over the summer months.
  • Termination Dates: This should indicate the day after the last day worked. Vacation time owed at termination for academic professionals should be indicated in hours based on a 36.25 hour day.  People appointed to the visiting ranks do not accrue vacation time.
  • FTE Salary: The annual rate of salary/stipend that would be paid a regular employee or appointee based on a full-time schedule of 100% duty time; 10 months for faculty and 12 months for academic professionals.
  • Duty Time: The percentage of time the employee will work. For example, a half-time employee would work a 50% time schedule.
  • Months: The number of months of the appointment. For faculty this is normally 5 (1 term) or 10 (academic year). For academic professionals this is usually 12.
  • Actual Salary: The rate of salary/stipend that is paid based on the duty time and number of months worked. This amount is used as the base rate for benefits calculations.
  • Rank/Title: Enter the job title, based on the appropriate Rules and Procedures booklet.
  • Appointment End Date: End dates for appointments are effective the day after the last day worked. Faculty and staff members will be terminated on this date unless a reappointment or other action is taken prior to the date.
  • Note: Only the following ranks require end dates:
    • Faculty not on tenure or continuing appointment
    • All visiting ranks
    • Librarians who do not have continuing appointment
    • Research Associates and Senior Research Assistants