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Princeton University
Office of the Dean of the Faculty

Instructions for Using Online Forms on the Web

Last revised: April 2011

Most of the forms on the Office of the Dean of the Faculty’s website are Adobe PDF which may be filled in online, printed, signed, and forwarded to our office with the required attachments.

If you are unfamiliar with the using web and/or Adobe Acrobat, we recommend you take some of the excellent introductory courses available through the Office of Information Technology (OIT). For more information about the training, please call the OIT's Help Desk at 258-4357 or visit the OIT Training site at

The form templates work best using a standard DeSC administrative desktop PC as it will have the proper software and software versions to allow the forms to function properly. If you need assistance in setting up or upgrading Internet Explorer or Adobe Acrobat software on your computer, please call the OIT Help Desk at 258-4357 or contact the Support and Operations Center through their website at

The forms are grouped together by similar types and then divided out further by the staff sub-groups within the page itself. To get started, find the form you wish to complete.  All Adobe forms (indicated by [PDF] in the form name itself) have an online fill-in template available.  

Adobe forms will automatically open in Adobe Acrobat Reader. However, you may save the form on your own computer by using Adobe Acrobat Professional. This will allow you start a form and then finish it later and not lose any data you have already entered. Please remember that the forms on our website do get updated occasionally so if you have saved a PDF form template to your own desktop, you should check back occasionally to see if the form has been subsequently revised to ensure you are using the most current version.  

Adobe PDF forms may be completed by tabbing through the document and typing in the necessary information or clicking on the buttons. Please note that some of the forms are multi-page. Information can be entered only in the text fields or check-off buttons.

We prefer all dates to be entered in MM/DD/YYYY format.

When you enter data on the form, some of the fields will permit you to type beyond the screen block limits. However, please be aware that when the form is printed, ONLY THE DATA THAT SHOWS WITHIN THE SCREEN FIELD SIZE LIMIT WILL PRINT OUT ON THE HARD-COPY VERSION. Therefore, please keep your data within the screen field size or your data will be cut off when printed. You must tab outside of the multi-line blocks of text in the forms in order for the text to print on your hard-copy.

  • Printing: After you complete the form on-line, press the printer button on the left hand side of the Adobe Acrobat toolbar to print the form.  It is preferable if you print the forms in a two-sided format to save paper and cut down on bulk.
  • If you wish to complete another copy of the same form but with new information, you may reset the form with the orange "Clear Form " button at the upper right or just type over the text from the previous form and then reprint it.
  • Special note re saving the forms: As mentioned above, if you have Adobe Acrobat Professional software on your pc, you will be able to save the completed or partially completed forms on your own pc to revise or finish later.  Note that you must save the form or your computer first, and then start filling it in.

In addition to the form templates, there are also various helpful reference items available to you and other individual faculty and professionals located in the last section of the Forms menu under “Information Sheets.”

If you have any questions regarding the information requested on the forms,  please email us at