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Princeton University
Office of the Dean of the Faculty

Administrative and Departmental Policies and Procedures

  • Guidebook for Department Chairs - University Confidential
    This Guidebook is intended to provide information about current administrative practices and procedures that are of some interest, even of some importance, to departmental chairs in their official capacities. Its purpose is to help lead departmental chairs through the tasks that come their way during the academic year and to provide answers to some frequently asked questions.
    January 1999 (including revisions as of June 2016)
  • Guidelines for Academic Reviews
    The academic review process outlined here provides a means by which academic departments and programs can engage in serious periodic self-evaluation, assess program quality and effectiveness, review strategies for development and improvement, and plan for the future.
    Revised November 2015
  • Salary Commitment Guidelines
    These guidelines are provided for departments that have centrally funded salary commitments and are intended to provide a single standard for managing these agreements. Summer salary commitments are not subject to these guidelines. Revised January 2015