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Princeton University
Office of the Dean of the Faculty

Policies and Publications for Faculty Members

  • Rules & Procedures of the Faculty of Princeton University and Other Provisions of Concern to the Faculty
    This publication is a compilation of basic information of immediate interest and concern to members of the Faculty and to other officers of instruction and administration. Included are rules concerning faculty members which have been adopted by the Board of Trustees and the Faculty itself, as well as rules and procedures dealing with matters of undergraduate and graduate instruction and research activities in which faculty members may be involved.
    Last printed June 1994; Last updated April 2016 
  • Domestic and International Moving Policy
    This brochure outlines the University policies available to reimburse newly hired faculty and other monthly staffs for reasonable expenses incurred in relocating to the Princeton area.
    October 2001 (Last revised May 2015) 
  • Dependent Child Care Fund
    Letter which defines eligibility and describes the process to request assistance from this fund.
      October 2015
  • Information for Junior Faculty
    This brochure describes very briefly the benefits available for junior faculty of the University.
    March 2004; Revised July 2012
  • Reimbursements while on Leave
    Provides general guidance for approved reimbursable expenses while a faculty member is on leave of absence at a location other than Princeton.
    November 11, 2010
  • Health Care Plan Coverage While on University Business Overseas (Currently under review by the Office of Human Resources, Oct 2009) 
  • Faculty Retirement Options
    This publication outlines the University's general retirement policies and options that are available for members of the Faculty.
    December 2010
  • Faculty Retiree Handbook
    This document is intended as a reference guide to assist faculty members as they move from active working to retirement. It summarizes some of the more Princeton-specific benefits and privileges available in retirement.
    June 2011