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Princeton University
Office of the Dean of the Faculty


November 11, 2010 (Revised January 2015)

In limited circumstances, the Dean of the Faculty will approve reimbursement of expenses incurred while a faculty member is on leave of absence. These expenses will not be reimbursed from “general fund” sources or from Dean of Faculty sources. To qualify as reimbursable, the faculty member must utilize either their individual funds where approval has been granted for expenditure reimbursement while on leave or they must be on public service leave with the WWS/or other academic unit agreeing to pay for these expenses.


To qualify for reimbursement of rental expenses while on leave of absence, faculty members must meet the following criteria:

  1. There has to be a strong research-specific purpose for the locale where the faculty member is renting while on leave. In other words reimbursing a rental in Cambridge because the faculty member is working on research with specialized equipment and with colleagues who work at MIT may be OK. Renting a house on the beach because "I write better on the beach" would not be appropriate.
  2. The Faculty member may not be reimbursed for their primary residence--this is a personal expense intended to be covered by salary. Therefore, the faculty member must be maintaining their primary residence in the Princeton vicinity while they are incurring rental expenses on leave. They cannot be renting or subletting their primary residence since then their primary residence would be the rental property during that period.
  3. The rental expenses must be financially justifiable, in other words, these expenses must be reasonable and appropriate for the duration of the leave.
  4. The University will only reimburse the rental associated with the faculty member him or herself. Therefore, the rental reimbursement may be no more than the equivalent of the cost of a one-bedroom apartment in the leave location. We encourage faculty members to explore the possibility of university/campus housing options that may be offered at the leave institution if applicable.
  5. If the faculty member is earning wage income above their Princeton FTE salary while on leave, the University will not reimburse these rental expenses.
  6. To be reimbursable, these expenses must be properly substantiated and submitted within the time frame specified in Princeton’s Reimbursement Policy.

These time limitations determine both whether the cost may be reimbursed by the University as a business expense, and whether that reimbursement will be treated as taxable income to the individual.


a. Research-related materials
Costs of shipping research materials such as books, computers, research equipment are reimbursable.
b. Personal materials
Costs of shipping clothes, household goods, vehicles are considered personal expenses and are not reimbursable.


a. Learned Society Travel
For faculty members on leave of absence, transportation associated with Learned Society Travel will be reimbursed from the leave location.
b. Work-related travel
When circumstances arise, making it necessary for the faculty member on leave to travel from the leave location to Princeton for required participation in work-related meetings such as dissertation defenses, essential search committee meetings, departmental reviews, and other similar events, the travel is reimbursable.
c. Commute-related travel
Normal commute-related expenses including car rental, car service, mileage, gasoline, tolls, parking will not be reimbursed.
d. Family Member Travel Expenses
Costs of travel for family members are personal expenses and are not reimbursable.


General living expenses incurred at the leave location including commuting, meals, laundry/dry cleaning are considered personal expenses and thus not reimbursable.