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Princeton University
Office of the Dean of the Faculty

Rules and Procedures of the Professional Library Staff of Princeton University and Other Provisions of Concern to These Staffs

Last printed Fall 1986; Last updated June 2004


According to the resolution on Delegation of Authority passed in October 1969 by the Trustees,
“The functioning of the Library is supervised by the Librarian under the direction of the central administration, with the advice of Faculty and student committees, the Trustees' concern being directed to the overall quality of the Library and the effectiveness of its operations.”

A. Faculty and Central Administration

1. Faculty Committee on the Library and Computing

Under the Rules and Procedures of the Faculty, the Faculty Committee on the Library and Computing "advises the President on the operation and development of the Library, particularly in relation to educational policy.” See section I.C.2 for the membership and responsibilities of this committee.

2. University Administration

The University Librarian reports to the Provost, who has general responsibility for the University Library. For personnel matters relating to the Professional Library Staff, the Librarian reports to the Dean of the Faculty.

B. Library Administration

1. University Librarian

Pursuant to a resolution adopted by the Trustees, the University Librarian is responsible, under the Provost, for "the administration of the Library, and for the development, care, and safekeeping of the University’s collections of books, manuscripts, and related objects."

2. Administrative Staff

The Deputy University Librarian is responsible for sharing general administrative duties with the University Librarian and for the execution of any specific assignments which might be made.

An Associate University Librarian normally heads each department of the University Library. In addition to carrying out the administrative responsibilities inherent in this position, each Associate University Librarian is charged with the responsibility of assisting the University Librarian in the general administration of the University Library.

The Human Resources Librarian is responsible, under the University Librarian, for carrying out personnel policies and procedures relating to the effectiveness and well-being of all Library employees.

C. Library Advisory Groups

The professional library staff meeting together or through its various committees advises the University Librarian on specific policies and issues. For a current listing of advisory groups, refer to the “Library Committees and Groups” page, found on the Library Human Resources web site: (